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MFI Graduates

Throughout May 2022 Phoebe got the opportunity to work in the student design department at the Manchester Fashion Institute. Helping the graduate designers with their final collection being a fit model and having shoots as well as needing to do runway videos, presentations for tutors and BTS content for the students! 


Working with Lucy was amazing, watching her idea's behind the outfits and learning how she takes inspiration from her fellow drag queen's to design her collection. 

Shot by Chloe (@chlodreher) designed by Lucy (osbornebydesign) 

image1 (27).jpeg
image3 (14)_edited.jpg


Being alongside Jemima, she showed me the beauty around her that inspired her to do this collection, she is elegant and yet cool at the same time!

Designed by Jemima (@jemimalaurencrane) 


I have never felt more honoured to wear all 3 final collection looks by Jade. Her designs are insanely detailed and clearly represent her princess state of mind! 

Designed by Jade Leigh (@jadeleigh_designs) 

image4 (13).jpeg
image6 (3).jpeg


Had so much fun working with Alice. She's so down to earth and her designs are modern and sustainable, we had such a laugh together whilst shooting sportswear! 

Designed by Alice Hartley (@ahartley2000) 


Carl is one of the sweetest people I have come across on this earth. Hearing how thought- through his designs are for womenswear are incredible. 

Designed by Carl Malapitan (@carl.malapitan) 

image8 (4).jpeg
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