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I recommend some of my favourite Netflix series and movies that are too good to not mention. There is a different variety and I talk into some detail.. not enough to spoil it!

SEX EDUCATION (my favourite)

So this one is a weird one but I can't get enough of it. There characters and the storyline is too unique, from the awkward boy, his gay best friend, the bad ass to the loner headteacher and the sex therapist mum.

If you have a childish sense of humour but love a bit of high school drama this is great. I think what adds to it even more is that it is British, the British humour, the scenes the acting is just all round brilliant and Season 3 is out 17th September!


Zombies. That just sums it up, for those who don't like zombies keep scrolling. For those of you who do, I highly recommend Black Summer, it is a modernised zombie series that definitely looks more realistic than any other zombie movies or series I've watched before (and I've seen A LOT).

The thing that sets Black Summer different to other is that; in between the different scenes it jumps from one character to the other. So in one scene whilst something is happening, the next scene will jump to a different character and what happens to them whilst the other scene is going on. This makes it so much easier to understand the order of everything.


Intelligent criminals, a big bank, riots against the police. World's greatest criminals come together under the power of this smart ass guy and go to rob a bank to make them billions. It is very detailed, you really do attach yourself to characters, understand their story and their personality.

Drama really does fall left, right and centre with this series and new seasons are to be released 3rd September. Binge watching this series (multiple times) and never getting bored and being amazed by the detail of breaking into this bank and the mind games is too good!


Topboy summerhouse is the first series and oh my, it sets scenes! It is a realistic view on what gangs and dealers lifestyle is like and the beef, the drama the secrets the details. This series is to do with real "roadmen" - if you are confused as to what I just said here:

A roadman is someone who runs a gang, the streets or area by postcode (zipcode) who can also deal but doesn't have to. Roadmen are usually in gangs but the stigma around them has changed, real gangsters are what this series is about. Not the little kid down the road dressed in Adidas and Nike from head to toe, spitting on the ground after every sentence and speaking like an utter moron.

Topboy is a lead on series where the two main characters are fully grown and deal with a lot more trouble when younger blood try to step into the system. I will just say now, there is violence and really graphic scenes in this series.


Oh my WOW! If you love drama then please, PLEASE watch Dynasty! It is about an American powerhouse family who run a family business. More characters are involved the more that is added the more the stories spiral. There are deep stories behind each character and how they connect to one another. All the relationships they have with another character are deep stories that intertwine with something else and it just gets better and better!

There is too much drama in this series that explaining it would take a lifetime. You really feel for the acting and it is incredible, I take my hats off to Liz Gillies (the main character) she is astonishing. You connect to some characters and grow a hate for others, it is amazing gossip between you and your friends if you watch it at the same time or watch it together it is a jaw dropping series!


This series stars Debby Ryan and is full of funny drama! Another series that each character is so different it makes the whole drama too interesting. The main character has an eating disorder and meets a coach to get into beauty pageants, her mindset is so evil and her competition, the boys, the fact she is skinny now, the eating disorder and the drama all get to her and she end up in many situations regarding murder...



This movie is set in a dystopian society where you are only allowed 1 child per family. This woman ended up birthing to 7 children who all look alike (like twins but seven times- I don't know the name for that). The grandfather had to raise the kids after the mother died and to keep them all safe he named them after the days of the week. On the day that is your name they must go out and go to work do whatever they need to do and play it off like they are the same person.

But one day, Monday goes missing - hence the title What Happened To Monday. The movie spirals on to all the siblings going to save their sister, there is drama, tragedy, heartbreak and gasps!


If you like documentaries on abduction, crime and thriller-ish then this story is for you. A girl was abducted years ago when she was a child and they decided to make a documentary now that they are grown up.

The storyline goes along a grown man making friends with the girl's parents as a way to get to the little girl himself. He abducts her and the most pain in the butt thing is that the parents didn't do what I would of been doing aha. But the gruesome and graphic story behind what the man did to her, sexually, is disgusting and it makes you want to two-foot the kid yourself.


This has got to be one of my absolute favourite crime documentaries EVER! The acting in this is unreal, it it so smart and the fact it is a true story is aspiring for people overcoming trauma like Lisa did.

So the storyline is Lisa has lived through abuse under a man her whole life. She gets abducted and uses her knowledge of easing a man, calming a man down, gaining trust with a man to stay alive. Lisa is kidnapped on the way home from work, is raped and taken somewhere. As she is blindfolded the entire time she uses her common sense to remember details that could end up saving her life.

The whole point of the story is that no one believed her, until one cop was utterly shocked by the details and her story and takes a chance on her.

Hope you enjoyed all the best recommendations I have and I am more than happy to do another one for those of you who really need something new to watch, or something new to submerse yourself into.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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