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Divine Pieces

Having the chance to work with Amakes Boutique was the best! So chic and some to - date items all beautifully hand made, read more and see some of her insane pieces... #amakesclothing #leedsfashion #handmadefashion #amakesclothingleeds

After having @amakesclothingleeds reach out to me via Instagram asking to model, I got prepped and headed to Leeds to shoot. I arrived and the set was beautiful, had the right aesthetic and when saw the pieces I was in love!

Putting on the pieces felt amazing as the quality of the tops were outstanding - I was super impressed. I could tell that the details and designs were carefully thought through.

Although I'd never see myself as a girlie person, I felt really confident and pretty and as the shoot went on I could see myself wearing these tops with items I have at home!

Working with such a kind soul and seeing her creations come to life was a big thing for me. It is my job as a model to hit targets for the clients and feeling as amazing as I looked helped my develop a deeper love for fashion!

This detailed dress caught my eye, it's so plain coloured but the stitching adds some spice. This dress is all round perfect for weddings, parties, christenings, photoshoots, dates and it is just so beautifully made.

I recommend everyone keep tabs on my Instagram to see all the stories, bts and shots from this shoot.

I also had the privilege of meeting the professional @idollphamine and having a tour around the studio. I was really grateful to have worked with professionals and that they were happy with the energy I brought!

Be sure to keep an eye out! designs like these are all in right now and it is better to have long lasting, sustainable pieces over fast fashion. I can give you my word, you won't be disappointed with anything they have at @amakesclothingleeds.

They are even made to fit you! - Website

@amakesclothingleeds - Instagram

@amakesclothingleeds - TikTok

Huge thank you to:

@idollphamine - Instagram

Thank You so much for reading, and I honestly believe Amakes is going far! Be sure to check out the pieces online as they do amazing gifts too!

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
10 серп. 2022 р.

The clothes are absolutely beautiful and stunning. Such detail and of high quality. Highly recommended. x Stunning pics and amazing overall :) x

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