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Exciting Announcement!

Want to hear about what I have in store for you? It will be an EASY READ and definitely take you TO ANOTHER WORLD !! #newmodel #newbusiness #amazonbusiness

Hello all, I bet you are excited to hear what announcement I have to make! But I like to do thing in chronological order…

So after moving away from my “normal life” I became very lonely, vulnerable and sad. It’s an average thing to feel when you don’t leave your house, have no friends and have no one to speak to. But this time was different, I felt sad in general but at one point I just lay on my bed and instead of overthinking the negative, my mind just went on a wonder.

Creating this whole new world, whole new reality and my brain was pretty much entertaining itself. After I had that vision in my head it wouldn’t leave so a few days later I got typing away on a laptop to see where it takes me…

That’s why I’m happy to announce I’m releasing my first ever book!! Written by me, planned by me, designed by me everything ! It’s my very own book !

I am so happy that my mum thought this book was something special too, as it is now apart of the journey in Rebecca’s Publishing House. But also, my mum didn’t look at me like a crazy person thinking “well what is wrong with you” for writing a book - she was very impressed.

As I can assure you, you will be too! To give you a little more of a taster, here are a few key words to describe the vibe of the book:

1. Dystopian

2. Eventful

3. Dramatic

4. Imaginative

5. Chaotic

6. Futuristic

7. Heart-wrenching

To be released on my SHOP and all over Amazon on Friday 20th May - the last day of Taurus season to be exact!

I wanted to leave my zodiac season with a bang of having a new legacy, trying something new and out of the blue and bringing entertainment in any way that I can to you!

Thank you so much for reading, be sure to keep an eye on Rebecca’s Facebook, my Instagram (@phoebeadams_) for all updates.

Until next time…

Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Jun 16, 2022

So exciting and such a truly phenomenal book to read

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