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Fitness Favourites

Here are some classes/workouts I have been enjoying recently which I think are beneficial for all!

Workout classes are something I would never turn my head to, in fact I would probably avoid them at all costs. Just the idea of being in a big room, lots of people, sweating, intense workouts and people might be looking at me; that idea never sat right on my anxiety. But one day I grew a pair and went to one of the classes- I still go!

It is definitely one of the best ways to boost your confidence and to change your mindset to put anxiety at ease. I flipped the way I was thinking so instead of: "Oh My God! No. So many people are staring at me, what if I can't keep up? Or do something wrong? I can't keep up, I'm sweating loads this is so embarrassing"

I now know realistically, everyone is doing the same thing as you, other people probably look at me and think I'm doing great, at least 80% of the room is doing something wrong so I am not the only one, everyone is sweating- even the woman we are all meant to be copying.

So if you are looking into trying something different, even having the courage to even go to the gym, or go on your own, or to try a new machine or if your gym/fitness centre has classes I encourage you to try them. Look at them in a fun way and who knows what could come out of it?!

Here is my list of classes that I attend and enjoy:

Cardio & Core

This intense 45-50 minute workout is a killer! Very summer vibe, pump up songs that the workouts go really well with. The cardio side is so fun, lots of jumping and fun moves to do, when you feel the vibe of the music it does feel like dancing, but the layout of the exercises are suitable for everyone and of course there is easier options but all round movements which REALLY make you work!

There are individual workouts throughout like a hard leg workout. The instructors really like to make you work, with big range movements, little range movements, pulses the whole thing. Then again your legs are your biggest muscle so go big or go home I guess!

The core. Now I love to do core workouts, they make me feel so strong and boost my confidence so much. But these?! These are ab killers, the amount of reps you do is insane but challenging - like the nice kind of challenging. The instructors really do know how to work all of your abs and explain the correct way to do things is so easily understandable.


Legs, the biggest killer. In this workout you're doing legs for daysssss. Really hitting every kind of muscle and having different variations of the exercises to help with your level. Extremely motivating and enjoyable especially when you are feeling the music, you feel the burn and pushing your body, it is a great experience.

Bums... Jesus. I don't usually complain - or give up, but doing this class when the butt workouts come in makes me cry. They are so challenging, you really feel the burn and it is strange because I could do butt workouts for weeks on end at home. But as soon as the butt workouts come up I am shaking and my butt is on fire! Extremely effective though, I've seen improvements after a week of attending the classes 3 times!

Tums, like I said before. I love to work out my core and in L,B&T they really focus on giving you the "11 line" look. The different variations really does help too because if I was told to do crunches for 4 minutes straight... it just ain't happening. But the different ways and the combination of exercises flow really well and are massively effective.


I am not a huge fan of weighted workouts. The one-on-ones are insane! Really intense but the instructors are so nice, sometimes I do want to smack them for making me do more jump squats but I keep my cool. The inferno class is like circuit training with weights to really make you use a majority of your muscles. They strive for correct technique for the best results but also getting the correct technique is so easy and makes you push harder.


Another workout with weights but this class is about more reps and pulses. So, hitting every muscle in your body (near enough) from biceps, triceps, outer thigh, inner thigh, back, chest, but, quads & hams and calves! This class is muscle endurance based, meaning doing the same thing for longer for example: biceps curls, you've got the full motion of the curl, then they will do half so from the bottom point of the curl to the middle and back down AND PULSE. Then they will change it to bicep curl from the middle to the top of the motion AND PULSE. doing that and a few other exercises - with the same concept for like 5 minutes. Then go and do different muscle with the same format, it's crazy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I really do encourage you to step out, come on. It's 2021 and the comfort zone is so last year! Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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