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From Me To You

I am offering my services as using my artistic skills to give you gifts, presents, artistry and home decor. I really hope you take a chance on me and that my art and services will uphold your expectations.

I drew this image on A4 paper and I documented at every number 3. If you don't know, this is Gigi Hadid, a high fashion supermodel and she is currently pregnant with Zayn Malik (from one direction!). On the left is her as a child and on the right is her not too long ago.

So I documented 3 minutes and 30 minutes of drawing the younger Gigi, I was very proud of the outcome on the child and THE RESULTS ARE AT THE BOTTOM.

This is my best drawing EVER! I am extremely proud to be sharing it to be with you and to show you an example of the effort and work I will put into these products.

The quality of the image is not the best however, when you receive your item it will be as detailed and as taken care of as possible.

So I am offering for you to send me an image of you or your friends/ family members as a child and then one of your fav images recently and I can do a comparison sketch.

It would be a perfect gift or something to have in the home.

All you need to do is go to BOOKINGS & CONTACT above and directly email me. Or the best way of getting my attention is through Instagram and you can DM me (@phoebeadams_)

My email is, so you can send me the child image and the recent image.


An A4 size image is £34.99

An A3 size image is £49.99

Thank you so much for reading, I would really appreciate it and I would love to offer my private services to you. Stay healthy,

- Phoebe Xoxo

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