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Price drop on signed copies of my book "The Days To Break". #newbook #books #author #youngauthor #thedaystobreak

As you may know by now I have published a book, a little book which I think you and all your friend need called, "The Days to Break". The amazon link will be at the bottom on this blog post if you wanted to share it out and send it to someone but WAIT!

There's more...

First, the book. The Days to Break is a dystopian/ futuristic story of teenagers and how they are trapped in this system ran by Governors and Commanders. There is a story within each character and every little random thing that comes into play, has some significance throughout the story - it's one of them that all make sense in the end.

It is quite graphic, romantic and heart breaking so there's a bit of everything in there.

So if you or someone you know are into The Hunger Games and Divergent style books - send them this way! They MUST have this book as I would love for this book to be one of the top books in dystopian and futuristic book category, to reach more readers and influence more people to create more content in the category because there is simple not enough!

From this day forward, ALL signed copies of The Days To Break are £10 instead of £12!!

So if someone you know doesn't have this book you NEED to get them it! And to make the gift even better, get the signed copy for only £10 ad shipping included!

A lovely personalised message is inside each different book for whoever needs it and a easy- read, comforting and entertaining book for you to keep, read, share and leave a review!

Head over to SHOP and get your signed copy now!

Thank you so much for reading, and lots of love to everyone who has showed their support already by purchasing, loving and sharing the book.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
16 черв. 2022 р.

LOVE this book and I highly recommend if you love The Hunger Games or Divergent series then please grab a copy of "The Days To Break". You'll love it!

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