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Key Essentials This Autumn

As September comes through, it is time to ditch that summer vibe and get ready for the cosiness of spooky season! #autumnessentials #FW22 #fallessentials

Yay! Leaves are falling and the tree's are dying, that means it's Autumn! This is by far my favourite season of the year because it means new goals, new vibes, layering outfits, movies and Halloween is right around the corner!

I have gathered all Autumn essentials to get you ready and feeling the season...

Leather Jackets

Leather's look so good with amber and brown, especially if you have a BROWN leather jacket - you're winning. Everybody in the world right now is on the hunt for the right jacket for them, so rummage through someone's wardrobe to find that rustic leather jacket they wore in the 90's because it is in! Layering leather jackets with flannels and knitted jumpers as well as ditching those trainers for those comfy boots you cannot wait to wear again.


This might be an obvious one but as seasons change, the body will definitely get a cold so one way to avoid that is by pulling out some scarves. Either thick and chunky scarves or even some tacky skinny scarves are in season right now. It is a way to style an outfit that looks amazing but is too cold for this season.


Who doesn't love a good movie? Well Here are a list of movies that are literally set up to get you in the mood for Autumn:

  1. Twilight

  2. Coraline (especially with kids!)

  3. Jennifer's body - if you love mean girls, you will LOVE this movie

  4. Dead Poets Society

  5. Little Women

  6. Harry Potter - OF COURSE


Now if you answered ME to "who doesn't love a good movie" clearly you're someone who loves a good book! Here are a list of books to read to feel the aesthetic:

  1. Pride & Prejudice

  2. Dead Poets Society

  3. The Pictures Of Dorian Gray

  4. If We Were Villains

  5. Two Can Keep A Secret


Now this is tricky because some people still think a chunky white trainer in the middle of September is okay - here is some guidance. We are going school shoe vibes, but to add a bit more spice try a platform dolly shoe, simple combat boots or pleather boots. If you are outgoing and want to brave the opportunity for everyone's eyes to be on you, then go for a platform boot (in brown to be specific). Loafers, okay, everyone needs to stop being scared of them because if you have a nice pair of loafers, get some thick socks, midi skirt and knit sweater and you have THE LOOK.

Finally some songs

Add some vibey yet dull music to your playlist. Everything is losing colour and is dying so your playlist doesn't need to sound like a beach party.

  1. We fell in love in October - girl in red

  2. Dark red - Steve Lacy

  3. Champagne problems - Taylor Swift

  4. 'Tis Autumn - Nat King Cole Trio

  5. I wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys

  6. Cardigan - Taylor Swift

  7. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

I hope this helps guys, it is time for new things, goals to be achieved and just have the most fun ever because the fun isn't over just because Summer is!

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Sep 14, 2022

Love all of these suggestions and also of course in the films numbers 1 and 6 :) x

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