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Lensor Creative Halloween Event!

@lensorcreative - on IG are a community bringing together stylists, brands, makeup artists and many more creatives. Their most recent event was a blast and here is my night explained! #lensorcreative #lensorcreativeevent #halloweennight #halloweenevent #lensorcreativehalloween

Optional to dress up and me and my friend Oksana thought OF COURSE! So we got to thinking, what is an iconic duo that we can put our own twist on it so we went on Pinterest and TikTok (obviously) and I can't lie a lot of basic things showed up.


We got it. The perfect idea and we then went and looked at how other people have done the characters right? Absolutely nothing, all the simple outfits or the actual costume and we wanted more, something more spicy.

We went for... Princess Peach and Princess Daisy!

So Oksana had her outfit perfectly planned online until she realised shipping would of arrived too late! So she found a cute little pink dress and found some puffy skirts to put underneath to give it the princess look.

I found some netting and neon orang fabric and hand stitched this dress together. I paired it with casual chunky trainers, cute lace knee-high socks and both me and Oksana had gloves and tiara's!

It was wonderful seeing people I've worked with before, we always have such a laugh. Just like the fact Ste and Dylan (@sl_portraiture and @dy1an_taylor) dressed up as Mario and Luigi without this all being planned!!

Lensor creative host pop up events where everyone can get together and you can work on your skills, fill up your social media, build your portfolio and climb higher up the ladder and just improve!

It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to stand out. I end up going into shoots all alone on my own and leave knowing everyone having being welcomed and learnt new things from new people.

The night was really fun and I cannot wait to reunite and work with my creatives again! Thank you so much for reading and make sure to keep up-to-date with my growth on Instagram (@phoebeadams_)

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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