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March Favourites!

My favourite products that I have been loving and that I highly recommend for you to try! Just a side note; I would not recommend any products that I haven't tried myself, not all products are for your face because as this series continues I will be recommending different hair/body/hands or feet products. #skincare #healthy #healthyskin #neutrogena #aveeno

Neutrogena spot stress control daily scrub

Let me tell you...

When I say this is a game changer, I mean it. Stress is a main cause of breakouts and is possibly the hardest to control compared to drinking more water and cleansing your face with clean hands; this scrub is as good as a spa treatment. Use this daily and massage into skin with wet and clean hands and then rinse thoroughly.

This scrub is cream based and helps clear spots before they even appear. It contains tiny turquoise microbeads which exfoliates dead skin cells as well as removes unwanted oils and dirt.

This scrub is for daily use and is enriched with green tea and cucumber extracts (which are both SUPER helpful for clear skin) and is gentle on this skin, with it being a daily product it soothes skin without dehydrating.

Rose quartz face roller and gua sha

Yes... it has a funny name and yes I spelt it right.

Rose quartz, heralded as the stone of love and healing (both emotionally and having a believed effect on wrinkles), has usage dating back to Roman and Egyptian times so even Cleopatra believed the anti- aging benefits of Rose Quartz.

Gua sha is kind of like a flat pebble. It comes in different shapes for different parts of your face. Both the roller and gua sha have the same benefits of;

  • Tightening and toning facial muscles (so you can have the same bone structure as Angelina Jolie)

  • Improving the skin absorb the products you use in your skincare routine

  • Promoting lympathic drainage (reducing water tension and prevent double chins or chubby cheeks)

  • Addressing puffiness and wrinkles

  • When the stone is kept cold it can prevent breakouts!

There are many Youtube video's on how professionals give a gua sha facial, simply using these items and moisturiser.

Aveeno daily moisturising hand cream

This virus has us all washing our hands 600 times a day. If you're like me and is starting get get dry/ sensitive/ itchy or sore hands this is the essential product.

I understand hand cream is hard to get a hold of, but this is so helpful. Recently I have been getting a rash all over my knuckles as well as dry flaky skin on my hands, maybe you have the same or over time your hands have began to dehydrate.

This daily moisteriser nourishes all skin types and helps reinforce the skin's natural barrier. It preserves the skin's natural microbiome for healthy looking (and feeling) skin.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped and if you have any questions comment below or email me (

I wish you all health and wellness to you and your families, please stay hygienic! Respect people's space and one last thing I think we should ALL carry with us; Every Hour Is Earth Hour!

Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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