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Missed me?

After being gone for so long, let's catch up. Get the 4-1-1 into my life so far 2021!

So, where do I begin? I took some time off from working and being online - I even took the massive step of deleting snapchat! I've started to space away from things that have even the slightest opportunity to bring me down, ruin my vibes and snapchat was the main cause.

I just didn't see the point, a selfie wooooooo. Every time a notification went off I just rolled my eyes, my smile would drop, I'd have to hold my breath. I was sick of seeing people's stories about their life that I just wasn't bothered with, even in some cases people had messaged me about someone else's story expecting me to see it and gossip about it - moral of the story with snapchat is - I don't care.

So I got rid of it, I turned to Instagram instead. And not as a replacement but Instagram has always been my favourite, the artistic pictures, seeing models and fashion etc. I have started to change my Instagram to be more professional and really knuckle down on model-focus, making sure my feed looks good, I'm promoting myself right, getting my modelling pictures out there, trying to connect with brands and plan things with photographers.

You have obviously seen the new look, thought I'd change up the vibes on my website. I've always been a dark- colour kind of gal, black was my favourite colour to wear, mix with the slightest bit of white, grey, dark green. So, in honour of my return I gave you some light blue, white, sunset esc vibes - looks cute no?

I have been working on some projects that are soon to come your way, in order to help you become the best version of yourself with your mind, health, happiness and fitness so I shall say no more but stay tuned for that!

I have even bigger announcement, this is the first year in my entire life that I have been confident enough to wear shorts!

Sounds crazy, but for real. I have been wearing shorts next to everyday, I've been hitting this gym harder and harder each day becoming the best version of myself. Learning and accepting that my hip dips are natural to embrace them, other models who I look up to have them so what's the embarrassment about?

Similar to the top of my thighs still touch, okay and? They are meant to, my belly still has rolls because that is how my body makes sure I am in the most comfortable position at all times. I bloat because my body is enjoying the water or food it's just had.

But I remember not having the confidence to wear shorts and it was always so hard in summer, I'm like dripping in sweat, the most awkward ankle tan lines, pealing my jeans off at the end of the day all because I was embarrassed at the size of my legs - yes I have slimmer and much more toned legs now but still, I love my legs and how strong they are, they hold up my weight, make me walk and move I ain't even phased if I don't shave my legs! How crazy.

Oh I also got a tattoo... something I thought I would never do but you can see the image on my Instagram (@phoebeadams_ )

Thank you so much for reading, please do get in contact with me and have fun checking out the changes to the rest of my website. Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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Amazing P well done, so glad your happier and refocused now lovely xxx


Amazing to see this,you have had a great role model and you will be fantastic at whatever you do

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