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Model Camp Online!

I had the most unique and incredible experience from a famous modelling camp online and I'm going to share the deets!

Coco Rocha Model Camp Online

Where do I start? I applied for Coco Rocha model camp online and put my heart and soul into my message for sharing WHY I want to be a model, my mindset and knowledge of it and of course a little bit about me.

When I woke up and saw the notification saying I have received a DM on Instagram from Coco Rocha herself, I freaked out! Coco invited me to a call and said they sent an email with all the details so I jumped straight to my email. I couldn't of been more excited and honoured!

3 days before the call and I was arranging with my mum to use her room (because it's brighter and bigger than my own!) and mum was teaching me a bit about Zoom because I was so clueless and didn't want to embarrass myself.

Coco had set up a huge group chat with all the people who were going to be in my class, this gave us a chance to see each other Instagram accounts, talk and introduce ourselves, know where each of us are from etc.

During the call I was super nervous but I really didn't want to show it, I wanted to talk and make everyone feel comfortable and I tried my best. Coco joined the call and we were ALL IN AMAZEMENT! Just chatting to Coco and getting to know her personality really did give you the "big sister" vibe, once Coco starting expressing herself and teaching us things got a lot more comfortable.

Firstly, we had Coco's famous posing class. Now, if you didn't know already Coco Rocha is THE QUEEN OF POSES. She is iconic and really knows how to give a long lasting impression which is important when it comes to magazine covers, billboards and ad campaigns etc. Coco taught us a way to create and find poses naturally, comfortably whilst also keeping it clean, taught us about emotions and how to pay attention to every detail of how we are positioned.

We had a little break and then Coco and her husband/manager James answered any questions we had regarding agencies, contacting people, building off from what we learned, the industry and the safety precautions for contracts and agents.

Coco Rocha really did switch my thought process, I developed skills that I never thought I needed for modelling and being professional at a shoot. I gathered so much information that will last me throughout my entire career. Coco got me ready for unique ways of thinking ready for my career which is just getting started; I have never been more grateful and will carry out this knowledge until I reach my goals and beyond that.


I really hope you enjoyed me speaking from the heart about an experience I truly appreciated and will excel because of. I am Thankful for Coco and James but also my mum for helping me get ready and got me to do this online class. I encourage each and everyone of you to take as many opportunities and get knowledge of everything to do with what you want to put your mind to, you attract what you are ready for. Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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2 comentários

Little Ruby's Treats
Little Ruby's Treats
09 de jul. de 2021

Amazing Phoebe, another great blog. What an amazing experience and opportunity xxxx


Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
09 de jul. de 2021

You're more than welcome my lovely daughter and I'm so pleased for you that you were on this amazing model camp with Coco Rocha. xx

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