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Model Prep for Amakesclothing!

How I pamper and prep myself before a day of work with Amakesclothing in Leeds! Video's of this are on my Tiktok (@phoebeadams03). #modelprep #beforeshoot #modelblog #amakesclothingleeds #handmadeclothing

Let's begin with the day before the shoot!

8AM start and I always have a green tea. It helps start the digestive system and detox the body, so once I finish my tea I head to the gym.

The key to my workouts the day before a shoot, no heavyweight but killer- reps. I begin a workout with a run and I start with upper body, doing workouts that target my shoulders and back then I will blast a workout for my glutes, side legs, inner thighs, quads and calves. All of that ends in an ab killer which is like 8 different workouts and about 20-30 reps of each of them.

I get home and plan my meals for the day & snacks for the shoots. I always have veggie based meals with lots of protein. My meal portions are very small so having lots of protein keeps be full for the entire day and veggies - BECAUSE THEY ARE VEGGIES.

I love to have a meal like vegan veggie korma or stir fry and make 2 meals out of 1 cooking session. I to keep having snacks of fruit too as it helps with making the skin glow.

I run through bodycare, haircare and skincare after planning food.

In the shower I will wash my hair with a hydrating coconut shampoo. I towel dry and hair and put a banana hair mask on my hair and whilst that sits for roughly 10 minutes, I will exfoliate and use a body scrub after shaving (to be extra soft). I will rinse out the hair mask and gently towel dry my hair again. I will add leave in conditioner and gently comb through my hair and leave it to air dry.

Starting my skincare I have a black soap exfoliating bar from The Carbon Theory and I pair it with the citrus tonic. If my skin needs extra attention I will use a facial steamer and a purifying face scrub.

If my face is really puffy from a reaction or something, I will use an ice cube on my face before using my go - to moisturiser: Simple mattifying moisturiser. As well as my face I need to moisturise the rest of my body and I use Aveno body lotion.

After being all prepped for the shoot I will pack my bag and run over the brief. In my Tiktok video I mention my model essentials I carry with me to shoots, so if you wanted to find out more check out @phoebeadams03 on TikTok!

Checking the brief for working with Amakesclothing means looking at the usual aesthetic, reading through the information & conversation previously had, looking at the other models and their types of poses, then looking at other models and finding poses similar and I do all of this before even moving!

I then get up in front of the mirror, play some music and get practicing.

So to answer your question, What is Amakesclothing?

@Amakesclothingleeds on IG and TikTok is a genuine self made brand selling unique and beautiful pieces. Made of authentic fabric that is no see-through cheap stuff, hand - made into the most delicate tops and dresses I've ever seen.

Some of your favourite well-known artists have bought items from Amakesclothing and I am more than grateful to have the opportunity to model for them! Working behind the scenes and seeing the thoughtful process of all the details is amazing - I cannot stress enough to you guys how important it it to stop supporting fast fashion brands and turn more towards sustainable and meaningful clothing.

Check out and shop some of the cutest pieces that are soon to hit the big world. But also follow the work on Instagram and Tiktok (@amakesclothingleeds)

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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