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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

This is my personal blog where I share memories, moments, events and more on these blogs. This is a little peek into what my life is like on a regular basis.

Back in February 2019 I travelled to New York City and let me tell you... IT ... WAS ... AMAZING!

Little in the City

I remember being in the airport waiting for my flight, my mind kept creating images of what it was like because i never thought the movies showed the real city. I love to travel and after this trip I really want to go back and explore the world more. Flying was insane, I could see over the whole city and oh my... google maps tricked me for i did not expect the city to be THAT big.

Driving through the city was weird at first because in the UK we drive on the left side of the road, but either way it didn't matter because my head was squished up to the window trying to see the top of the buildings and looking at all the stores we don't have in England. Honestly, i feel bad for the driver because i was breathing against the window and staring at "Dunkin' Donuts".

The sights

First day, I went to the Statue Of Liberty and i was so excited, we got a boat to go to the Island and of course you expect her to be big but she was massive. Little tip for Lady Liberty; as soon as you see a free space ACT FAST, trust me Liberty is so busy its hard to get pictures without other people in them, but don't let that stop your trip because it's the experience you're there for.

After Liberty, the sun started setting as we came back on land, we decided to take a stroll and ended up at having the perfect lighting to be at Ground 0. Like whoa, in the most respectful way possible- it was beautiful. I highly suggest you go there and just be present in that moment, take it all in and just take your mind off of everything.

OMG! New York City at night is a whole new vibe. The lights, the streets, the air is another level i was desperate to go out in the streets for a little bit- despite the cold i just wanted to be out there. Nighttime strolls with my mum was the best because we would get hot chocolate and just slowly walk a few blocks and relax because YES New York is a restless city and it was but it was the perfect place for me to step out of my own head and just relax.

If you're like me and you ADORE bright lights- Times Square will be your home. I felt like a moth and my eyes were physically filled with almost every colour you can think of but somehow they blend together perfectly.

Central Park is HUGE! Now i knew it was big... but i didn't expect that big! I was lucky enough to be there in the snow.

Empire State Building is a must. The pictures you can get up there are so unique and the view is just amazing to take it all in and the same for Rockefeller centre. They are both unmissable and being up the top is crazy as you look over the entire city.

Little emotional now..

Now, for me this holiday came at the perfect time. Previously to this trip I had been hurt; mentally and emotionally. To get away from the negativity and the danger was like weights coming off my shoulders. I experienced the city, because yes- the rumours are true- the city changes you. I remember crying in the taxi and on the plane as we took off too because it meant to much to for me find myself and put Phoebe back together.

Thank you

I hope you enjoyed this little insight to how my trip was, if you're thinking of going I say go for it! There is nothing like New York City. More uploads will be coming soon, follow my social media for updates on any of the blogs as well as those who have a subscription will have newsletters and updates sent through emails. Let's just say... you get used to the taxi beeping...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Feb 18, 2020

Loved this blog post and the way you've seamlessly written your account of your trip to NYC. Thanks for sharing.

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