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My Model Journey

So far...

As you may already know me, or you can just tell by my website. I am into modelling and I'm making my way into the fashion industry. It is challenging I have to admit, but nothing I can't or won't take on.

Fashion for me, like most people is our favourite part of art. The designs, the couture, the make-up, the hair, the shoes, the poses and the photography - just ALL OF IT! The art into modelling is something not many people see therefore, it is not acknowledged or appreciated.

Here is a way to explain this...

How most people view modelling:

Doing your make-up or having your make-up done.

Poses and going on photoshoots.

Travelling and having holidays paid for you.

What modelling is actually like:

Struggling with body image and constantly changing it.

Having to control your skin (even when you can't help it)

Jet lag

Being uncomfortable in outfits

Not falling over


Always needing to be on social media

Making everyone else happy

Trying to focus on your mindset

Dealing with crowds

Dealing with impatient clients/partners

Constantly outside your comfort zone

Keeping the world up to date with your life

Having make-up on and off

Running all over cities and sometimes not having time to relax and check out the city

Finding free time- to workout

Dealing with others bringing you down

Being looked at like a joke

Dealing with other competitive girls

Getting pulled different ways in the industry.

Now all of these sound terrifying and you must be thinking, why would you ever do that?

It is because I have the confidence in myself and my mindset that I will be challenged but determined, I will be stressed but I will relax, I will be rushing but setting my own pace. Meeting different people, making friends who can understand the struggles and fight through them together.

My favourite part about modelling is being apart of the art. Helping and knowing that I am helping someone's vision, someone's art, someone's creation to life. Whether that's me portraying the right expression in my face, the right pose, the right movement, the right structure an the right attitude. I am the one that makes their piece come to life- I am their blank canvas and their art fills me with adrenaline.

My struggles right now...

My struggles in modelling right now are actually getting in the industry. I'm still trying to find the right home, the right agency to help and guide me through. To give me the experiences I need, the social skills and practice that I need in order to excel in the future.

I am trying to build my portfolio, connect with designers to help them out, collaborate with photographers, reach out and ask agencies for advice.

I know in myself and in my head I am ready for taking each stepping stone at a time, I am just looking for the guidance and the family to put the stones in place for me.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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