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My Positive Quarantine Survival Kit!

Not kidding, these items I am presenting to you have kept me going throughout this last month. Improved my mind, body and attitude. I highly recommend looking into these items because we are all in this together (not the high school musical song) we need to help each other. This survival test is not easy but it is for the best. #quarantine #stayhome #stayhealthy #lockdown #uk #healthy #healthylifestyle #mrsmindful

First things first, this is the "Tea Tree and Lavender Clarifying Cream" and this has been by best friend during quarantine. Many of you might be able to relate; but my skin has been next level a pain in the butt! I'm lacking the fresh air, dewiness and vitamin D because I spend lots of time in the house. This cream has helped so much and I would like everyone to try this out! It refines pores, helps skin discolouration and dark circles, and brightens the skin for a flawless glow.

These "Mini Shampoo Bar's" are insane!

At first I thought they were strange to use, but believe me, after one wash my hair felt healthier, it had a natural shine and had the most GORGEOUS scent ever!

These shampoo bars are such a good idea, they are travel essential, are used up within 12+ washes (iv'e already used one!) They save space and when travelling, you don't need a "liquid limit" because these aren't liquid! For all hair types and made with all natural products such as essential oils.


Taking moments to look after yourself is the key to maintaining excellent health. Whether that's reconnecting yourself with music you listened to growing up (for me that's Barbie Girl ;p ) or reading a book, I think taking time for yourself is essential. Taking a bath is a prime moment to think through and reach to your true self. Think about it, just you and your thoughts when you are most vulnerable.

I practice gratitude when I am most vulnerable and to help me I use bath bombs! I am more than excited to use these new Mrs Mindful Bath Bombs and Fizzers to make my restful "me time" the best experience.

Equally, to make your "you time" the best, sensual and as relaxing as possible are bath salts. These are "Lavender Bath Salts" from Mrs Mindful.

Bath salts allow you to really open your mind as well as relaxing your body and uplifting your skin for a better feel. Also taking a bath with these bath salts help if you are struggling to sleep because JHEEZ! They are good for dealing with stress and then you sleep like a baby!

All these amazing products have been used by me personally, so all things said are from my experience. I would never try to sell you something without me trying it out first!

Please try these yourself and you wont regret it!

Use the code: "PHOEBE" at checkout.

To purchase these fantastic products for yourself visit:

REMEMBER - Use code "PHOEBE" at the checkout. Mrs Mindful are still delivering during this time too so get your hands on these goodies quickly!

Thank you for reading and Thank you Mrs Mindful for the incredible products you have brought us! If you would like me to promote any of your products, LET ME KNOW! Head over to "BOOKINGS AND CONTACT" and let's get to work!

Until next time ...

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Apr 23, 2020

Love these reviews of Mrs Mindful products :) x

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