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My Support

I am showing and explaining to you how I use my platforms and my mindset to comfort those in need who need our support. #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Justiceforgeorge

This is my support...

So due to everything that is happening and it is mainly occurring in America, I still want to show my support. I had this idea to use my knowledge of the art of modelling to show my support to my Instagram following who I know are mostly white.

I adore each and everyone of my followers, however I have used my creative thoughts to my advantage in creating a way to show my support and share knowledge of the situations to them in a way which will catch their eye and show that I am different from the crowd.

To make it clear:

I am not using the current situation as an excuse for a photoshoot, it is a way to catch peoples eye and encourage them to show their support in any way possible.

I truly believe this world needs equality and the people of colour from all over the world deserve justice. I am showing the equality in the variety of skin tones painted on my body to show that we are ONE. ONE RACE... THE HUMAN RACE. It does not matter your colour, you are beautiful and you are strong.

Racism is not something I stand for, I am truly inspired by those who have survived through losses, tragedy, who have lived in fear and are targeted for their skin.

I want your voices to be heard, if you are someone of colour who is reading this, I am very proud of you and I will stand with you; through thick and thin, you will not be silenced and I will defend you. If you are not a person of colour, we need to show our support and fight for those who have lived in fear, who have never been seen as innocent, who have been spat at, abused, tormented just because of their colour.

If the world was the other way around and white people's voices weren't heard, white people couldn't safely walk down the street, family were being shot at and arrested and killed just because they were disliked and authorities abuse their power just because they didn't like us. How desperate would you be for freedom?

These protests are a moment in history where change is needed. Just to make it clear, these protests turn into riots just by authorities trying to silence the crowd for standing up for what is right. Do not silence them, do not silence yourself, do what is right for our human race.

Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Jun 05, 2020

ABSOLUTELY SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! my incredible daughter. Your words are incredible and I love this blog post. Thank you for being beautiful both on the inside and outside. x

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