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Quad Workouts! Surprise content at the bottom..

Some knowledge and example workouts to build muscle in the FRONT of your legs. Get to know your muscles and what can improve the toning of your leg further. #quad #workout #exercise #fitness #muscle #training

Let's start off with the facts:

There are 4 main parts of the quadricep; Vastus medialis (your inner thigh), Vastus lateralis (your outter thigh), Vastus intermedius (deep in the middle, between medialis and lateralis) and finally Rectus femoris (pretty much the top of your thigh)

To shorten this lesson I'll break it down for you, the muscles with "Vastus" all originate from your femur (thigh bone if you didn't know) and they connect to the patella (kneecap). The big muscle called Rectus femoris covers the other three muscles and is the only muscle out of the 4 to connect to your hip bone too.

Now that the boring part is over...

The training to improve how your legs look which also includes stretches is here:


Whether that is regular squats (keeping your back straight and slowly squat down as if you were to sit on the bog and push back up with all your speed and force) goblet squats (with a weight being held at chest height) or BACK SQUATS. Back squats require the use of a weighted bar with your selected weights on each end of course. Holding the bar behind your neck and resting it in line with your shoulders, raising the head slightly and squatting down.

Similar to back squats there is FRONT SQUATS, which require the use of a weighted bar again and your selected weight. This time the bar is rested at shoulder height infront of you with hands facing outwards and squatting. Keeping your back straight and raise your head slightly to help with your posture.


This requires a weighted bar again. Having your legs further than shoulder width apart, feet facing outwards, you must squat down to the bar maintaining a straight back and raised head. You will squat down and stand without curving the back, if you find yourself curving your back you need to reduce the weight you are lifting.


This can be done anywhere, your stairs, porch, on a bench, on a chair and with anything whether you don't want to use any weight (which is fine too) you can use any selected weight, a box, books, a child, your dog, your neighbours dog honestly anything just as long as you keep your back straight. You are going to step up with one leg and step up with the other, then WITH THE SAME LEG YOU FIRST STEPPED UP WITH you are going to step down on that leg.

Just the importance of maintaining a straight back, because you are targeting your legs you do not need the strength from your back. If you continue to do the wrong method or repeatedly curve your back when doing exercise, you will cause major damage and this can effect many things as; posture, pregnancy pain, muscle tension, growth and many other long term injuries.

I would like to thank you for taking the time do read this. I hope it helps as many more exercises will be targeted. Now is the time to get your summer body ready! Just to mention that I am not encouraging you ALL you do exercise and I am not encouraging the "ideal image" of us as people. As humans we are all different, different colour, size, shape, we enjoy different things and we have different goals and dreams.

For those who would like more information PERSONALISED to them. Please email me I am thinking of starting personalised programs filled with exercises, routines, food samples and information if you would like help losing/ gaining weight, building muscle, toning, slimming down. PLEASE do let me know. I am educated in BTEC Physical Education, I am educated in A-level Sport Science, I am educated in Food and Nutrition also. More posts on this will be released if that is what you want. If I do not receive any emails regarding this, I will not go forward in the program.

Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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