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Quarantine Birthday!!!

Spending my 17th birthday in quaratine! A moment in history that not many people can say they will experience. #quaratinebirthday #birthdayinlockdown #quarantine #corona #covid19 #covid19birthday #birthday #17birthday

So I turned 17 on the 22nd April 2020. We originally planned for a family day out but due to quarantine we couldn't leave the house.

I had such a chill day, I had a vegan chocolate cake, vegan chicken nuggets and vegan rockie roads. I was dancing around to high school musical and I had such lovely presents. But with just me and the realisation that I now have less than 365 days left as a kid kept me thinking. I was comparing my 17 year old self to myself when I turned 16 and I was thankful for my growth. I was stressed and I was pushing myself to try and impress and be friends with everyone, I was trying to hide and be someone I'm not and I struggled to find who I am and what I want.

A year later I'm putting thoughts into actions, I lost friends which I was meant to and I took risks that were thrown at me all for the right reason.

I learned that all the people that left, all the things I did and the risks I took all happened for the best reason which allowed me to be able to realise all my stresses and have fun this final year; with the path I'm taking my past year of losing people it has made my future a lot easier. When I'm working for myself and following my own path losing people is apart of being an adult and being independent so it made it easier for me. Taking those risks and living life on the edge pushed me even further into life preparing me for the real big stuff.

Deep down I know, with everything I've been through, all the tough times the toughest 8 years I've lived ends now. I have been prepared for being an adult since I was 11 I just didn't know it, yesterday I realised that and I swear to you I was dancing around my room at 11 o'clock at night before my birthday ended singing to "No Regrets" because I want to know this last year of being a child, I am going to take even more risks, fight against any negative thoughts and feelings and live life with no regrets. I'm going to make the most of each friendship meeting, make the most of parties, take every opportunity, have the most fun at work and I really advise you to as well.

Whether it's your birthday or just a regular day, RISK IT FOR A BISCUIT. Remember the dangerous may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all. Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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Ray Coates
Ray Coates

AMAZING Phoebe! You are such an INCREDIBLE human being. Who will achieve SO much! What a rich life you have before you! I have learnt SO much from your message and example already! 💯 risk it for a biscuit! NO regrets! 🙏💜


Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams

This is a wonderful and amazing blog Phoebe. It was a wonderful day yesterday and I love all your insights into what you've learned, how much you've grown and I am SO proud that you are my daughter. I love you.x

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