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Quarantine Lifestyle

We are all in quarantine for the health and support of our friends and families, for ourselves and for doctors/ nurses. Here is a list of filling foods with small amount of ingredients, some things to do for you to stay busy, tips and reminders about keeping hygienic. #virus #corona #coronavirus #quarantine #bored #quarantinelifestyle #healthy #washyourhands

So the corona virus, how it is the hot topic of today. This virus is killing thousands of people, old or young, healthy or not, whether you always leave the house or not. It is effecting everyone so I urge you to stay home, please stay at home stay safe and stay healthy.

There's more to it than washing your hands. We should all be doing that anyways, but cleaning handles, keys, coins, makeup brushes, phone screens, shoes and more things which you touch everyday. We always look after what goes ON our bodies example; shower, hair, deodorant, spray, wash our clothes etc. We should most definitely look after what goes IN our bodies too, I am here to help you with boosting your immune system so when you do have to run to Asda for your milk and bread you will feel healthy enough to make it back without catching the illness.

5 Easy Recipes with very little ingredients:

Simple stir fry:

1) Slice up your chicken (I use quorn chicken) peppers and onions and any other vegetables you want to use.

TIP- Only use half of the vegetable and chicken for one serving.

2) Teaspoon of oil in a pan and put the chicken in the pan and fry for 3-4 minutes before adding the vegetables.

3) Add spices or extra flavour such as a tiny bit of butter, cumin or paprika, add garlic perhaps.

4) Keep stirring until chicken is golden and it is ready to serve.

Pasta and meatballs with side veggies:

1) Boil some water on a high heat.

2) Portion your food as the water is boiling. For me (who eats barely anything) I portion my food; 1/3 cup of pasta, 2/3 cup of meatballs (roughly 6/7 and in this recipe I used meatless meatballs) and 1 cup of veggies.

3) Once the water is bubbling, put pasta in and continuously stir. Once the pasta begins to soften add 1 teaspoon of oil into a small frying pan and put on a high heat.

4) Add meatballs into the frying pan and stir until they get softer and are about to brown, then add the vegetables into the pan and stir both pasta and veggies.

5) Once pasta is fully soft, drain the water and put your meatballs in with the pasta. Keep the veg in the pan and change to a low heat. Add your tomato pasta sauce to the pasta and meatballs and heat on a medium temperature.

6) Serve up the veg in a bowl and repeatedly stir the pasta for a further 2 minutes. Then serve the pasta and you're ready to eat!

3 Ingredient choc-chip cookies:

1) Mash up 2 banana's and mix with 2 cups of oats with 1/2 cup chocolate chips into a mixing bowl.

2) Mould into small balls and place on baking tray. Set oven at 180 degrees and bake for 10 minutes

3) Let cookies cool for 15 minutes.


3 Ingredient pancakes:

1) 2 cups of flour into a jug or mixing bowl. Plain flour makes thinner pancakes, self-raising makes thicker pancakes.

2) Add 400ml of milk (I use sweetened almond milk)

3) Add 1 tbsp of oil and mix all together.

4) Get a pancake pan or small frying pan and add 1/2 teaspoon oil into the pan.

5) Add the mixture to the pan and let it fry until mixture is turning solid and is not a liquid anymore. And flip to other side.

6) Once completely cooked, serve and add your favourite toppings.

Overnight oats:

1) Add 3 cups of oats into a bowl and pour 400-600ml of boiling water over them and add peanut butter or vanilla for flavour. (400ml if you like your oats thick and 600ml if you like them watery)

2) Cool down, then stir through 1-2 cups of yogurt.

3) Spoon into glasses, you can add yogurt on top and cinnamon for extra dusting. Cover the glasses and place into the fridge and should be eaten within the next 6 days.

List of things to do while in quarantine:

1) Have a photoshoot

2) Do exercises

3) Skincare

4) Do artistic make up

5) Try new hair style or new temporary colour

6) Draw or paint

7) Read or write stories

8) Facetime friends

9) Play board games

10) Play games online

11) Play with siblings or family

12) Sort out your wardrobe

13) Bake

14) Clean shoes

15) Paint on old denim clothes

16) Watch movies or start a new series

17) Learn a new language

18) Create a new music playlist

19) Learn a new skill

20) Make TikToks

21) Write or document the outbreak

22) Do some gardening

23) Teach your pet a new trick

24) Colour in

25) Learn to cook a new cultured meal

26) Learn to dance and watch Youtube tutorials

27) Rearrange your room

28) Learn to play an instrument

29) Put together new outfits

30) Paint your nails

31) SLEEP!

Ways to improve your immune system:

1) Daily exercise.

2) Including these foods into your meals: Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, red peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almonds, turmeric, green tea, kiwi, poultry, crabs, lobster.

3) Drinking water

4) Getting enough sleep

5) Surround yourself with scents or oils; peppermint, black pepper, orange, lime, cinnamon.

6) Take care of your liver

7) Vitamin D is key (get some sun, don't burn and you don't need a tan, just chill in the garden for a while)

8) Reduce stress.

THANK YOU ALL! You reading this is truly appreciated, I wish good health and wellness upon you and your families. I urge you to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to leave. Stay on top of your hygiene and take care of what goes inside your body just as you do taking care of washing your hands. We are in this together...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
2020년 4월 23일

I love how you make all these meals so easy to follow and I love going downstairs and the gorgeous smells coming from the kitchen when you're cooking are amazing! Keep shining :) x

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