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Quick Morning Skin Care Routine

My morning skin care routine when I am having a chill day at home, quick description below for clear and healthy skin. This blog includes products and benefits. #skincare #dailyroutine #morningroutine #skin #healthy #healthyskin

The routine:

1) Always wash your hands before you touch your face! This is important so that no dirt or unwanted oils and bacteria get on your face to cause oily skin or breakouts.

2) First, I rinse my face in cold water and squeeze a blob the size of 20p (1 cent) of Tea Tree 'pink grapefruit facial wash' onto my hands, rub together and massage into my skin. This face wash includes tea tree and grapefruit oils with camomile extract, which cleanses and revitalises helping to promote a clearer- looking complexion.

3) Next, I rinse my face after facial wash and massage my skin with wet hands and dab my face with a face cloth, just so it's not dripping wet but still moist.

4) Then as my face is still moist and my hands are partly wet, i put a blob of 'Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating facial scrub' and rub between my hands and massage into skin. This facial scrub is clinically proven to deeply purify to help eliminate and prevent blackheads for a refined complexion. It is completely oil-free and helps prevent the build up of spots and gets rid of breakouts within 2 uses.

5) After that, I rinse my hands with water and massage the scrub into my skin even more. Then rinsed my face completely and dab dry with a face cloth.

6) Then I use 'Oriflame Love Nature refreshing toner' which contains organic aloe vera and coconut water and put a few drops on my hand and cover skin and then I use 'dōTERRA verage toner' which is a spritz toner and I just hold like 30cm away from my face and let the toner set. A toner adds to the chance for a poreless look, it gets rid of any makeup or oils the facial cleanser did not remove as well as giving a refreshing and hydrated look.

7) I wait a while for the toners to dry before using my 'Pix! Vitamin Wakeup Mist' which contains orange blossom and citrus extracts for an energising and hydrating look. I hold the spray 30cm away from my face again and use that and wait for it to dry.

8) Finally, I use my 'Simple replenishing rich moisturiser' which has Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Triple Purified Water, Glycerin, and Bisabolol which impacts its 12 hour lasting moisture. I put a small 5p ( a dime) sized blob and rub on my hands and blend into skin including the neck.


I'd like to thank you for reading and I hope this blog post was useful or enlightening. I do 100% recommend you try out these products if you want a clear, hydrated and healthy looking skin I have used these products and these opinion shared are my own and not influenced by any brand or promotion.

Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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1 commentaire

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
02 mars 2020

Amazing skincare morning routine and such a great tip to wash your hands before touching your face too. Love this!

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