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I want to put myself into the world and offer my services to you! Your personal model, ambassador or mannequin. I'm open to collaborations to promote your business, brand, skills or services to others. #modelling #castings #modelcastings #photoshoot #collaborations #fitmodel #editorialmodel #brandambassador

So you must be wondering what got me interested in modelling for you:

I love to see the beauty in everyone and everything, some say I'm optimistic and some say that's passion. Designers, artists, stylists, businesses and brands have a vision and for me, being able to work with them to help make their vision come to life is astonishing.

Collaborating with all different people as well as doing what I love the most, learning new skills and gaining experience along the way. I will always look for opportunities to do modelling in any form. I'm available for fit modelling, editorial, commercial, fitness, swimsuit, beauty and runway. The art of modelling comes in any form and I have confidence in myself that together we will have your vision and your product will change the industry.

Here's a quick recap of my life and fashion so far:

I have always had a desire and attraction to fashion ever since I could dress myself. I used to (sometimes still do) make my room a complete mess by just trying to try different styles and find inspiration. When I turned 12 I had my first ever photoshoot for my birthday and it felt so natural, even the photographer was impressed that a 12-year-old was confident with a huge camera in their face. And from there the interest grew.

Throughout school I've always had the thought of modelling in the back of my mind however, when I would bring it up to teachers or the careers guidance teacher, they told me it wasn't a "real job" and that not everyone makes it. I know, that sucks right? (To me modelling isn't a "real job" it's a REAL DREAM!) But that never stopped me, in fact tat made me even more ambitious and determined to fight for my dreams.

For my 16th birthday I had another photoshoot with and ever since then I've set up my own photoshoots and been practicing my poses, expressions, movements to improve the skill of understanding what the brand/photographer/stylists message is.

My aim is to evolve with you, together lets grow our reputation and inspire others globally. Together we can make a memorable, long lasting impression on others we collaborate with as well as having experience and knowledge aid our development in the industry.

I want to thank you all for reading, I am available for TFP, collaborations and even paid work for any type of modelling as listed above. I would appreciate it if you, reading this, if you know anyone who is in need of a model or brand ambassador send them my way or contact me with their details and I will reach out.

If you are interested in collaborating together, wherever you are, do contact me via "CONTACT & BOOKINGS" page, or email me: OR DM me on Instagram; @phoebeadams_. Share this post to friends and family, I am grateful for all of your support! Until next time...

-Phoebe Xoxo

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