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Seasonal Mental Health Reminder

As a new, colder, darker season approaches, a lot of change is about to happen and whether your mind is prepared or not, here are some ways to stay grounded and to stay yourself in times of change... #mentalhealth #mentalhealthreminder #mentalhealthhelp #mindset

Like I mentioned before, a change in the season can actually make a huge impact in your mind, whether you think its true or not. A sudden change in temperature, weather and day light can all impact us in ways we can't explain.

As we are in (my favourite month) October, yes it's Halloween but spooky season can actually begin to activate dark areas in our lives and in our minds that we might not notice until it's too late. What I'm saying is, we need to identify your surroundings and lifestyle to see how to make it cosier for you, to put your mind at ease.


Let's start off with your gaff. Now I am no way shape or form telling your that your house is a mess or that you NEED to have a clean house. However, the piles of clothes that have been sat there for 4 days straight isn't doing you any favours. Simple things around your house that you might think is reasonable and normal in your home could actually be adding to the issue. So here is a list of things to try and do around your house to still keep it your house, but much more open and clean and a space to recharge:

  • Yes, I am saying those piles of clothes have to be sorted through!

  • rearrange bedside tables, coffee counters, TV stands etc

  • Find a container or bag to store all your recycled food packages so they aren't in sight on the counter

  • replace something that's small but noticeable: a rug, the coasters, flowers, picture on walls

  • Dust. You would be surprised at the amount of people that don't dust the house

  • Don't have too much LED light, turn them lamps off and find a way to allow more natural daylight into your home

  • Sort out any coats or shoes on racks as you first walk into your house


Your home is your charging pod, this is where you are naked, dressed up fancy, no effort, maximum effort, hungry, full, sick, tired, healthy, happy, comfy, clean so now that you've adjust things so that you have more space to play with here are some sensory things to add or look into to enhance the energy in the home to improve your mental state:


  • Add some colour to your main room, whether that be your bedroom or living room or kitchen. Adding a colour that you love but is also outgoing for you (orange, green, burnt orange, red) some autumnal colours to make you feel warm and cosy.

  • Be sure to see any problems in your home that you need to fix. And don't see it as "urgh I have to get this guy out to fix this" blah blah blah, think of your home like your plant or pet - you need to care for it as it will do the same for you.


  • Incense is a natural and earth way to enforce good vibes, clean energy and a nice smell into your home. The best part out incense is that they don't burn for too long but the smell lasts forever, they are cheap and easy to get hold of but also are safer than candles around kids.

  • Essential oil demister, is a super safe option when your have kids, another all natural way to enforce good vibes and scent into your home.

  • Candles, everybody loves a good candle especially for this season, you can have gingerbread, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, spooky treats candles as they are all in stores in season at this time of year but not only that, the warmth and dim light of fire is so good for needing to remove stress.


  • Having old records playing is such a minimal technology way of having sensual sounds in your home, Find an old record from your childhood or pick one at random in a store and enjoy the vibe of having a record playing in your all-new-ish comfy home

  • Singing bowls and frequencies. These are things you can find hours playlists for on Youtube but these are so useful I cannot stress enough to you, whether it's to clean, meditate, eat food or simple do nothing in your own home - I highly recommend giving them ago and watch your energy raise vibration.


  • Now this one isn't too hard as you would already have these things in your house. But be aware of the texture of everything in your home from your couches, to cushions or curtains everything impacts you so be careful to make sure no real fur, perhaps not real leather even though that is hard to avoid, don't have a silk cushion on a leather sofa for example - mixing textures can actually set off uncomfortable reactions and make you feel uneasy in your own home!


  • Don't go round licking your home. But baking occasionally can give your house that comfy vibe that welcomes anyone in. If you aren't into baking too much then just cheat your way to the top ad buy candles that smell like baking!

  • Having cute jars around your house filled with little treats to have whilst you wrap up in a blanket.

Other things you can do in the safety and comfort of your own home to feel safe, yourself, at ease and will definitely help with mental health.

Read a good book (I recommend The Days to Break on amazon!)

Wrap up on the sofa and watch childhood movies

Blast music and dance around

Use sage in incense to cleanse and go around your home


Look up on Youtube simple little origami things to make

Follow a cooking video or baking recipe

Be alone with yourself, nothing on, no phone, nothing to distract you. Because as crazy as it sounds no one is ever actually alone with themselves anymore, Like think about the last time you were without phone tech not even a light. The last time you walked on grass barefoot, we all seem to be so disconnected from ourselves and the earth which is why mental health is a huge matter - and I will say this... healing from mental heath will never have an end to the journey, you will forever be healing however it is easier and more open for women than it is with men. So let's normalise men doing selfcare skincare, meditating, getting massages, painting ails, dancing around in some may call a "feminine way". Healing isn't feminine nor masculine. And I know all of you that have braincells know this but some people in the world can't accept it.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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