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Skincare From A Model

Let's face it, being in doors all the time affects our skin. This is my routine to clear and clean skin and tips to improve your skin as well as a list of things to avoid. #skincare #workingfromhome #modelsskincare #skincareroutine

So let's find the reason as to WHY your skin might be getting super bad during quarantine. There are many reasons as to why your pores can get clogged and redness can increase as well as puffy eyes, itchy/sore skin, acne and more. These are the some reasons as to why your skin could be getting bad this quarantine;

  • Always wearing make-up

  • Using make-up with chemicals

  • Sleeping with make-up on (even when you think you've washed it all off)

  • Dirty pillows

  • Cotton pillow against your type of skin (e.g sensitive)

  • How dirty your phone is and holding your phone against your face

  • Your sweat

  • Dirty hair

  • The medication you take

  • Laying in bed makes you sweat too so not changing your clothes can cause bad skin

  • Touching your face

  • Air-con or heating

Ways To Improve Your Skin:

  • Healthier diet

  • Have more fresh air (either chill in the garden or open the windows

  • Cleanse your skin at least twice a day

  • Moisturise your skin

  • Change your sheets/ pillow case more often

  • Have more of a routine to take your make-up off

  • Clean your hands/ laptop or phone often

  • Don't touch your face

  • Drink cold water

  • Have cold showers

  • Be more active

My Typical Routine:

  1. Clean my hands and wet my face

  2. Wash my face with micellar water

  3. Facial scrub

  4. Hydrating mist

  5. Hydrating oil

  6. Facial roller

  7. Clarifying cream

  8. Rest - go get a healthy snack or a drink

  9. Moisturiser


This routine is for my skin type, and my texture and the improvements for my skin so this routine if you want to try it out may not work exactly how you want it. But you can experiment with brands and different products and do things in a different order.

- Phoebe Xoxo

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