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Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling...

An incredible book, 14 amazing authors share their stories of dealing with divorce, heartbreak, depression, anxiety etc. Find inspiration to pick yourself back up and listen to how their emotional stories have built them up to be the characters they are today. #smashingthroughtheglassceiling #reading #illustrator

Where to start...

So, my mother had this incredible idea of producing a book sharing her closest members stories as she thought they were inspiring. My mum wanted to help them spread their stories and inspire others. Long story short. I was asked to do the illustration. At first I was shocked as to my mum thinking my art was good enough to be on the cover of the book! I was very honored and got to thinking as to what we want, we want someone smashing through a glass ceiling of course. But how can I make it unique...

I thought, instead of using an actual person- whether they were going to be male, female or other. I wanted to appreciate everyone and empower everyone no matter your gender. My mum- yes, THE Rebecca Adams suggested to do the fist coming towards the front of the book, which was genius!

I completed the fist and the challenge came to the glass... how do I draw something that is clear? I am very grateful to work with someone who was respectful and patient to the fact that glass is not easy to draw and this is a big thing for me- the pressure is on.

Now that the book is release I am extremely thankful to the support I have received over how good the front cover looks. Some people didn't even know I was the illustrator and when the book was released they were surprised to find out I did it! I am very proud of everyone involved IN this book as well as the production OF the book, we have all done amazing and I cannot wait for the future to come!

CLICK HERE! To purchase the book or you can go above ^^ and go to 'SHOP' and find the book with the amazon link to it there.

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Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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