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Summer Must Haves 2022!

Essentials, ideas and hobbies to spice up your summer to ensure you remember and love every second of it! #summer #summeressentials #summeraesthetic #musthaves #summervibes

What are your plans? Do you have any activities booked? Travelling anywhere, abroad or not? You are definitely going to need some bits and bobs to add to your checklist to make sure you are prepped and ready for the summer we have all been waiting for!

A Mini Camera!

Capture your moments in retro style! Finding disposable camera's or mini kids camera's to make your memories feel as special as they are. Imagine taking the photo and not being able to see the image until printing it off, waiting for the image the RAW imagine of your memories!

A Summer Journal!

Document your thoughts, feelings and memories in a journal! Shopping and picking which funky looking journal you will be writing in throughout summer is fun on it's own. But any kind gesture someone did for you, any surprises, anything new or outgoing you did - it's good to write them down and project the energy in your head to the paper, it's good on your health and mindset.

A Reading Book!

It's healthy to keep your brain in check every now and again and reading is the best way to do that! Reading a good book can expand your mind and creativity, keep you grounded, be inspiring and educational as well as relaxing. Nothing is as good as chilling in the sun with a good book, and speaking of good book...

If you or someone you know if wanting a signed copy of "The Days To Break" feel free to get in touch via email ( or via Instagram (@phoebeadams_) as the price is still currently £10!!

A Cute Yoga Mat!

Even if you aren't a fitness person, taking time for your body and having a good stretch is perfect in the sun this summer. You can even chill in your garden, on this yoga mat and give your body a good stretch or even try some yoga!

Hydrating Moisturiser

Not necessarily a sunscreen based moisturiser, but keeping your skin hydrated and clean is important as sweat can build on your face, in your pores making your skin glowy and perfect for summer. Moisturiser protects your skin from the sun, keeps it smooth and is breathable on your skin - it can also help embrace your skin impurities and texture!

I hope this little guide was helpful and can aid you to have some more creative ideas for summer.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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