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Thank You to Maxi !

I have had the honour of being featured in yet another magazine, making it my fourth magazine feature of 2022! #model #maximagazine #newfacemodel #aspiringmodel #modelling

I would like to start this off by saying how talented Miss Isobel Greenhalgh is, I am very grateful to have met such a kind soul. I am so impressed by how comfortable she is and about how natural she goes about taking these insane shots!

Isobel has such a good idea for colour contrasts, lighting, background and editing. I am just so happy with how all of these shots turned out.


Instagram: @isobelgcreative // @isobelgboudior

A huge thank you to Maxi Magazine! It has been such an honour to have been featured especially over 2 spreads and the final page.

I feel so grateful that people are starting to see my talent and my passion for modelling and are taking me seriously. Maxi Magazine is so professional with how they reached out in order for us to submit these pics!

Instagram: @maximagazine



Thank you so much for reading and taking time out of your day to appreciate art, not just from myself in the form of modelling - but photography and publishing.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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