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The Best Stress Foods

How to eat your cravings, stress food and comfort foods whilst maintaining food health. I have tried at least 8 of these 11 foods as I am vegan, however I have included every type of food just for you. #stressfood #food #healthy #cravings

11 Foods To Eat When You Are Stressed:

1) MATCHA - This can be matcha powder to add in bakery, matcha tea to drink or in some places there's matcha based snacks.

2) DARK CHOCOLATE - Now most people dislike dark chocolate, however using dark chocolate to bake brownies, cookies or any craving food of your liking.

3) HUMMUS - I want to persuade you to try the 30% less fat hummus. There are many different flavours to try, and pairing hummus with your favourite healthy snacks such as cucumber, carrots, pitta bread.

4) PEANUT BUTTER - Low fat peanut butter would be better, pair it with rice cakes or crackers or maybe create some quick and easy low fat cookies using this peanut butter.

5) TURKEY BREAST - You could make a pasta salad, sandwich, or add it in an omelette (personally haven't tried it because I am vegan)

6) GRAPES - I personally think red are the better ones ;)


8) EDAMAME - Is perfect to add into a curry

9) SALMON - Can almost be put into any food and it tastes delicious.

10) NUTS - Unless you have an allergy, I suggest you try some of your favourite nuts with a Texas BBQ spice

11) POPCORN - Sweet is wayyyyy better than salted ;)

Thank you for reading, I home this helps as we all go through struggles to avoid cravings just to maintain a healthy diet. Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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