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The Countdown To Summer Begins!

Get into healthy routines to keep yourself busy and having fun throughout summer! It only takes 21 days to make something a habit - so people say, so let's talk about some... #summercoutdown #healthylifestyle #summerroutine

With just under a month left until summer, you can start your dream summer- vibe lifestyle by getting into habits now. We all deserve the summer of freedom and fun and good weather after all these past few years so why not prepare and get in the routine of things you desire to do starting today?

All it takes is 3 weeks to create a habit - this calling is perfect timing as to where we are now and with summer on the horizon. Do you want to start eating a lot better? Or starting a daily yoga routine? Do you want to get into a fitness routine or a skincare routine? Is there activities you want to achieve or simple habits like waking up earlier?

Well all this is going to take is some good commitment from you, your heart, your brain and your body. All these goals you want to achieve and habits you want to get into all starts with you just starting. Remember that changing your lifestyle in little ways can make a BIG impact, it just takes consistency- these changes don't have to be big or strict at the start either.

Here are some habit ideas you can get into for summer, grab a pen and paper and start off with writing your own ambitions first and visualise where you see your dream summer planning out like..

  • Waking up before the sun - or just waking up early in general. Take more time in a morning to refresh your body, take it slow and to make the most out of your body waking up and giving you energy for the day. Start off with a glass of water as soon as you wake up, eat fruit or have breakfast earlier, try a new fruit juice and have a glass. Just don't stick to your usual coffee or tea in a morning.

  • Gaining/Losing weight through food - a natural and healthy way to lose or gain weight is to change up your diet. I don't mean go on a diet as other would tell you because you should let yourself eat the foods you always love. Depending on all your different bodies, if your aim is to just eat healthier or lose weight, try eating a whole lot more fruit and veg in each meal. If you aim is to maintain or gain your weight, have foods that are high in saturates (healthy fats) or protein (beans or meat)

  • Drinking more water - I've also done a blog post on Eat Your Water ! Foods that will help you have you 8 glasses of water a day without having plain water.

  • Expand your creative mind - Reading, writing, drawing, painting, decorating, makeup, digital art, take a course, journal or plan your day, play instrument, listen to a podcast.

  • Create new income - have one or two extra income sources. Write and publish a book, invest in cryptocurrency or digital art, no spend days, sell homemade bakes, release products, make money on social media - funny that, I have a course to teach you how to do this!

  • Casual health changes - slight changes to your life to specifically benefit your health; daily fitness, try new sports, meditation, all veggie days, all snacks have to be a fruit, no sugary snack days, no smoking days, no drinking days.

  • Self-care changes - switch up the game and express how versatile you can be; manicure, pedicure, try new hair styles, new outfits or even a whole new wardrobe, change your hair, try whiten your teeth, catch a tan, change the music you usually listen to, rearrange your room or house.

These are some ideas for healthy habits to get into. So now that you have your list of goals and ambitions, I need you to go through and take the next step - not just sit and stare at this list thinking that making the list is going to change anything. What are you doing to need to start these habits? Eat healthier? Get ingredients. Workout? Get a membership at your local gym or buy weights and equipment. New hair? Buy dye. You get the point, make a shopping list - or even write down in your journal when you are going to go out and start each different habit.

Here's an example; Goals are to eat healthier, lose weight, new clothes and wake up earlier. So week one you can start with getting up earlier - let's say 2 hours earlier than you normally do, you take your time getting ready in the morning. One day in the first week you go to buy fruit and veggies and start eating healthy from making and planning your meals for the day with the extra 2 hours of your day that you have. The next week start with a workout routine and the week after that go shopping for clothes and watch how you lose the weight to know what size you are.

Slow but simple starts make the biggest difference. All it takes is 21 days to create a habit, but only 3 days to break it.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

May 04, 2022

Absolutely great advise and well written. So enjoyed

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