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War For Women

My Body, My Choice. No other way about it. #mybodymychoice #warforwomen #abortions #womensrights #abortionrights

I can't believe this is even up for a debate. Women - not just in America because that's all over the news, Women over the WORLD are having their rights taken away...

By some old, white, privileged men.

I thought is was 2022 not 1942.

Yes, this blog is very political. And do I care? Not really.

So, in case you didn't know what has kicked this off: some people apart of The Supreme Court have nothing else to do with their lives apart from controlling what women should do with their bodies... you know as you do casually.

They are banning abortions over the states. So just so you're clear: (not all) Blokes are the reason we end up pregnant, and yet blokes are the ones making decisions whether we should keep a baby or not? NOT LIKE THEY'VE PUSHED OUT A CHILD BEFORE.

Now can I just tell you that there are safe and legal abortions. For example, if anything happens to the foetus inside you or it falls asleep and you have to remove it for the safety of the women. Infections can grow on the womb etc which means the baby has to be removed and in most situations women who can't actually handle pregnancy! There are going to be so many more deaths of women AND YOUNG GIRLS.

As this society grows into the way it is headed, young girls are going to die because some A-holes of the planet can't control their urges and force women/girls to pleasure them, not wear a bit of plastic because it feels nice for them and now have no rights or decisions whether to keep the baby or not.

So here is an idea, if there is going to be a law against women making decisions about their own body let's flip the table shall we...

Every young lad has to have a vasectomy until they are proven to be loyal enough and financially stable and respectable enough to provide for a family and have it reversed? Yeah? Sounds like a good idea doesn't it?

Oh sorry, do you not like being out of control of what goes on with your body? Damn...

As a woman myself I do feel helpless. I can express and educate as mush as I can but I feel the urge to get up and actually do something. In the UK at the minute they have been sneaking this situation with the human rights act past us. Why are they taking away our freedom of speech? What so we can't disagree with anything the government do? Give over.

My ancestors did it, and so will I. I'm standing not just for myself but I'm standing for the women who can't. I'm grateful to have had the upbringing and privileges that I have had, but I will not hesitate to stand for the women who have had it worse, who are no longer with us and who are looking down on the women of today to see us do something.

My heart goes out to everyone who is being personally affected and who are living under these conditions. I have donated and will continue to make donations towards funds for safe abortions for women as well as signing petitions and sharing knowledge.

I encourage you, no matter how political you are - it doesn't matter. This is war to be a woman and we won't stop until we get what we want. Challenge people who think otherwise, discover your divine feminine, empower yourself and each other, share content and influence men to do the same.

I am very proud to be a woman. Even with all the struggles, I am still proud of the line of women I come from, I stand on the planet with and who I stand for.

And I ain't letting no dusty-ass old men tell me otherwise!

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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