I am determined, optimistic and confident. I am always willing to take on challenges and push limits which will make me stand out for YOUR benefit.

I bring character, professionalism, mindfulness and fun.


I'd like to be YOUR blank canvas and to fulfil the needs you want for your perfect product.

I am offering you the ideal client with uniqueness, talent and the look. 

As an influencer I will use my social media platforms to promote your business as together we can INSPIRE and ATTRACT others .

My story begins as a child, i grew up loving fashion and designing. Little Phoebe grew up a lovable and creative girl and I took on any challenge with confidence and intelligence.

I grew with just my Mum and my older brother who has autism; because of this I taught how to cook, clean, wash clothes and care for my brother as if I was another parent, before the age of seven. Until now I am still truly grateful to have learnt these skills at a young age. 

I got picked on for only having a mum, for having a brother with special needs, for not being the "skinniest" or the "prettiest" as I turned to food to help my anxiety and to get over the bullying. But that never stopped me. From 4-year old fashion- lover Phoebe, at 12 years old I went for my first photo shoot

I fell in love with the fun and professionalism, it all felt so natural. And so, from there the dream continued, the motivation roared, the determination to prove the bullies wrong is still within me. I will use this fire in me to produce the most exhilarating form of art through modelling. 

I would like to inspire others all over the world by sharing my story to encourage and help them to find their motivation and prove that when you believe in yourself, you can get anywhere you desire.

I would be honoured to be a part of YOUR story. 

Phoebe - Wiltshire
Phoebe - Wiltshire
Phoebe - Somerset
Phoebe 12th Bday Photoshoot
NYC 2019
Phoebe Wiltshire 16th Bday Photoshoot
Phoebe Sunflower Field
Phoebe Shearwater
pebz style 4.JPG

I really do see myself travelling the world, working with amazing photographers, fabulous designers, incredible make-up and hair artists and make an impact. 

The fashion world is more than clothes and looking stylish, it's about making a statement, excel in art and create change; for society, for the world, for you.