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Green Leaves
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A little bit about me is that I love sketching. I have a talent of being able to draw with pen to create timeless pieces of art that I hope one day I can show the world.

I love crazy things like karting and surfing. It makes me so scared at first but once I am in the moment I love it and all eyes on me!

I am an illustrator and recently became an author. I wrote a book of a futuristic story that was published and released May 2022 and my god - it has been an experience and a half! 


I find comfort in travelling on my own, it is weird and introverted however, I feel confident and calm when travelling so that when I am everywhere in the fashion world I'll have no fear for travelling. 

My story begins as a child, little Phoebe grew up a lovable and creative girl and I took on any challenge with confidence and intelligence. My interest in fashion started by me causing a mess in my room with my clothes and putting on a show for my mum.

I found my passion for modelling after my first photoshoot when I was 12. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was not nervous with a huge camera in my face, I wasn't uncomfortable being in a studio with a photographer. It was actually natural to me. 

At the age of 14 I gained experience by having 10-20 photoshoots in Bath City. At age 17 I decided to take things seriously and move to Manchester where I've had 25+ photoshoots (and still growing) as well as coaching from the famous Coco Rocha. 

So far in my journey I have been credited on having flowing-with-ease poses, I use movement and really do strive for editorial poses. I can adapt to different vibes and styles, I love to endure different energies to give the best performance- for what the client is after.

July 2022 I have officially been signed to my mother agency Maverick Models. 

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