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Phoebe was a Guest Speaker on the International Interview Series 2019 created by Rebecca Adams.

She spoke open and honestly about her history and progress throughout her young years, including how she overcame being bullied at school. 

The entire series can be purchased here:


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Phoebe has also been interviewed on the Imani Speaks Show 2020. 

She talked about her lifestyle, passion to be an aspiring model and family. Phoebe was also joined by her mum Rebecca to talk about life coaching, mentoring and mindset. 

Listen to the entire podcast here: 


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Phoebe also featured on the Imani Speaks Show in 2021 for the launch of Smashing The The Brick Wall. 

She was featured to talk about being the illustrator and talking about the whole process to create the idea and develop the book. 

Listen to the whole podcast here: