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Brand New book illustrated by yours truly. Smashing Through The Brick Wall another powerful book by multiple of strong warrior authors sharing their story in order for you to write yours! 

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My BRAND NEW course which teaches you about thinking positively in a way which will better your business to bring in everything you want. 

As well as working on your mindset, this course will teach you to work on your attitude towards working; improving your creativity and changing the way you think.


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This BRAND NEW course will help you grow the social media following you've always wanted. Easy ways to learn about gaining confidence and growing reliable followers. 

This course will also help you get started with a social media platform and gives you an easy understanding of how to get the best audience.



Smashing through the glass ceiling- Illustrated by me!

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Have you ever felt that you’re got good enough? Have you ever felt that you’re not worthy? Is your health, anxiety or depression stopping you from achieving what you desire?

Is the negative voice inside your head or even someone you know holding you back from being your best self?

In this book, 14 incredible authors, from around the world, share their heart-breaking and life-changing stories that saw them go from being lost, fearful, scared and upset to actually stepping into their power and being courageous and strong through their own personal trials and tribulations.

The powerful stories inside this book include domestic violence, death, health issues, bullying, cancer battles, foster care, mental illness plus much more

This is just the beginning of this online shop for stay tuned and keep coming back! Keep updated on my blogs as there will be updates if anymore products are released!