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Exciting News!

Read my gratitude to all the amazing people who have helped me climb the ladder to this part of my life! I'm really excited where the future can take me. #modellingcareer #modellife #excitingnews

You're probably on the edge of your seat wondering what the news is, but don't ruin the surprise! It's important you hear about the people that got me to this next step in my career let alone my life!

I want to thank this amazing designer AMakes Clothing! She is incredibly talented and it was an honour to work in such a professional environment. I learned a lot from this shoot with you as I continue to do further into the future!

Instagram: @amakesclothingleeds

TikTok: @amakesclothingleeds

As well as Amakes, I also do have to give the graduate designers from Manchester Fashion Institute a huge thank you, for giving me a chance to have a experience working alongside you all whilst designing and creating content leading up to your Graduate Fashion Show!

I don't think I would be where I am without all the photographers who have been willing to take the time to shoot with me (even when I wasn't good at all!). Everything has been an experience for me and I've learnt so much from all of you which I carry with me throughout.

I cannot wait to work with you all again and to attract more creatives and professionals to work with me in the future!

I have had such amazing support from all of YOU reading too! Each one of you to follow my journey, to even view my posts or stories on Instagram and to share out my goals and successes so far. Thank you to my amazing friends and family, but sit back down because this is only the beginning!

Now I saved the best til last. I owe the biggest thank you to Allen White. A talented and grounded photographer who saw my determination and helped me gain a meeting. This wasn't because I really wanted to do it or just because I was a pretty girl. He saw how I can change and be diverse, I just need guidance and practice and to gain confidence being with professionals.

Instagram: @itsjustallenphotography

Ah, so you actually read the part I mentioned about a meeting...

This meeting with a lovely agent, who welcomed me into the HQ, got me comfortable and interviewed me. It was a yes, I am officially a signed model!

I am happy to have been given this chance to be taken seriously, and taught and guided through the start of my career. I am happy to be sharing my journey all over my Instagram (@phoebeadams_) and I am growing a brand new TikTok (@phoebeadams03). Be sure to keep an eye on how fast I can work my magic into my future lifestyle!

Thank you so much for reading,

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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