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Harry Potter Enchanted Forest!

Check out my experience at Harry Potter Enchanted Forest! With wands, lights, magic and more! I shard the experience with my mum and brother who unfortunately for them... support Gryffindor! #harrypotterenchatedforest #harrypotterexperience

My mum had gotten herself, me and my brother wands each. I got Voldemort's wand, my mum got Luna Lovegood's and Dominic got Nymphadora's ! As we walked through the enchanted forest there were so many options to cast smells and make magic happen - like making snakes appear, turning off the lights and changing all the colours.

It was a well looked after place and my favourite part was with all the spider's and watching my brother giggle at Aragog's babies falling down on you!

A someone who love and is obsessed with the big lights of cities, fireworks or Christmas lights, I most definitely loved all the lights in the forest. When the entire forest changes colours from blue to green to pink to orange it was so cool to be in the middle of.

There were moments where things were glow in the dark, and LED lights to look like fairies and the set ups were just amazing, being a lover of Harry Potter you get everything!

I loved and appreciated the food and hot drinks there not breaking your bank account. I had a vegan cheese and bacon turnover which I was impressed with the vegan options there, my mum had a Cornish pasty and my brother had a sausage roll. There were amazing options to have hot chocolates but in the style of your house! I had a Slytherin hot choccy which was mint choc and had green glitter dust, Gryffindor was chocolate orange with red glitter dust, Hufflepuff was caramel with yellow glitter dust and Ravenclaw was vanilla with blue glitter dust.

Thank you so much for reading and if you are thinking about going to the Enchanted Forest, definitely do it! It is so magical and worth it just please don't give your toddler a whistle and allow them to roam free!

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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