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Holiday To The Underrated Croyde Bay, Devon

Took a trip down Devon to surprise my boyfriend. He was surprised believe me but the greatest surprise was how beautiful Croyde is...

This is the bay. Yes it's fairly small but the most welcoming bay I've ever been to. This picture was taken from my Iphone when me and Owen decided to make hommemade pizza's and carry them all the way up this steep hill (nearly had cardiac arrest at the top) at watch sunset. It was a memorable moment for us both, to watch the glorious sunset, relax and watch the waves eating pizza with one another.

It's one of them moments where you don't actually want to take your phone out because you want tot take it all in and I whipped out mine took some pics and thought "hang on, lets just experience this" and me and Owen were talking for hours watching the sunset before we got chased by bees down the hill.

MY FIRST TIME SURFING!!!! Oh My Days, I loved it and could do it for the rest of my life. So this was the first pic I took as I left my phone at the house. We walked down to the beach and Owen had me put the surfboard down on the sand and show me how to get from lying down to standing, of course of the sand it was as easy as breathing but for what I knew this was difficult!

I started off just laying on the board and having the waves carry me like that, I struggled so much before my board was like 7ft and I couldn't get in the right position because I had to climb onto it and I couldn't get my leg over and it was just chaotic. But that didn't make me give up, nO WAY.

The next day, we went out and tried again and I managed to get on one knee! Which was the closest I'd get, but then I got onto two knees! I was edging closer and closer to my goal of standing up. Until... me being me, got hit by some guys board in the head and gave up after that.

This is just one knee of my battle bruises from surfing. They killed! I had 26 in total but it was all totally worth it. I couldn't cross my legs, couldn't kneel down or anything my legs and mainly my hip bones where battered and bruised! You wouldn't believe it, but apart from having about 5 rounds with a 7ft board I also learned how tiring surfing is.

Every time me and Owen had finished surfing, got back to the house, had a shower we were knackered and it would be like 2pm. It's crazy like with how much you do, you don't realise how much your body has to work especially when you're up against the sea. My first day surfing the waves were huge! I was jumping over waves that were double my height, being pushed back 10 steps and moving 3 steps forward to be push back again, jumping and clambering up onto my board and then actually trying to stand up and balance, falling off and repeating the whole thing.

We would surf for hours that felt like 20 minutes. It takes so much practice and my mind was just thinking "if there is a shark do I just jump on my board or clock it one?"

Owen took me on the cutest date down the village. We got Devon ice cream and OMG their vegan chocolate ice cream tasted just like the vegan Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge ice cream it was unreal! We walked around a few shops and he showed me the gorgeous houses that are there. Some bloke who had a green McLaren, his favourite food place and the cute shops that were there.

We took a really nice walk back and was talking the entire time, we spoke about how our vibes and how chilled out we are here is just like everyone else. Like, everyone there just keeps themselves to themselves, doesn't irritate you, quiet but fun and the people add to the experience of Croyde which made it even more memorable.

My Croyde holiday was something else. I had the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time in my life and even better I took some pictures to post on my Instagram! (stay tuned @phoebeadams_ ). I had ice cream which I never usually allow myself to eat, I tried surfing for the first time ever and for years I have been terrified of big waves and the sea, we went to a bar and had some drinks which is something I don't usually do either, we went to the arcade, swimming and went down a water slide. Urgh, I just can't get enough and although I didn't actually manage to stand up surfing, or buy anything from the shops, or try their pizza place me and Owen wanted to go... it all gives me a good enough reason to go back!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please do go and have fun, don't live in fear, do what you want and have fun with it because we aren't here forever and we don't deserve to be told no. Please do share your experiences and tag me in them on Instagram @phoebeadams_

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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