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I'll Be There For You...

Because you're there for me too !

So me and my mum went to FRIENDSFEST! Comedy Central has decided to do festival with a setup of Friends and have it as a tour for places all over the globe! We heard about this festival last year and booked our tickets immediately; growing up I never really understood friends but always found it funny, in fact I'm named after 2 characters called Phoebe - one of them is Phoebe from Friends!

This was the stage of the festival where they had a screen playing some of the scenes from Friends, they had performers to sing Phoebe's songs and serving us pure 90's comedy punchlines. It was quite interesting to see others around my age and of course more adults, but even to my surprise there was kids there! Some of them were really into the event so clearly they like Friends as much as I do but then some kids looked like they were told they are going to Disneyland and rock up here.

PIVOT! PIVOT! There was so many cool and iconic set ups where you can go and take pictures on set. You had to scan a code and have the team take pics of you which then they send to you on your phone! There were many cool set ups like the coloured umbrella's on the sofa, central perk and...

Floating heads! We took the tour around the sets and although actually being in the apartments in New York would be cool, these sets were the spitting image. We saw Joey and Chandler's apartment (my fav!) Monica's apartment and Ross'. The crew were very helpful and made the experience easy flowing. It was so unreal seeing the set's and whilst the speakers were playing iconic scenes and seeing the sets that they happened on, just the entire thing was so fun!

Finally, we grabbed food there! At Phoebe's Buffay and all the food there if you can kind of see the menu, it's all vegan and vegetarian as the character Phoebe was a vegetarian - how ironic! Me and my mum both got a vegan burger and sat at the main stage (image above). This was my mums first ever vegan burger! It was gurt lush!

The entire event was insane and so fun! The day was perfect for it too and I couldn't be more grateful!

Thank you so much for reading, you guys too should get planning stuff. Stop living indoors and find something you've never done before and grab the best person to do it with and go have fun! Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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Aug 20, 2021

What an amazing experience for you and your mom. You are both such an inspiration and I so enjoyed your


Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Aug 18, 2021

It was an absolutely incredible day and I'm so pleased I got to spend it with you, my lovely daughter. Laughter, fun, lots of singing and the whole day was awesome! I highly recommend anyone who is a Friends fan to go to a #friendsfest event near you.

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