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Model Morning Routine

Come find my morning routine before a photoshoot or casting to ensure my skin is perfect, hair on point and I am fully focussed and ready! #modelroutine #morningroutine #modelmorningroutine

So a few things you have to know. As a model I am expected to be prepared and ready to be called at ANY POINT. I could be called at 11pm saying they need me in for 7am the next morning! It is crazy but drinking lots and lots of water really does help as well.

6am wake up

If my call time is 10am I wake up at 6am. The first thing I do is play music via Alexa and drink a whole bottle of water whilst I wake up, stretch, clean up etc. I tend to avoid going on my phone unless it is to contact who I need to for the job of the day, I will look through Instagram and look at inspiration for poses.

Skincare routine...

Firstly, I will use a face wash. Something simple, easy and nice on my skin so nothing will flare up. My go-to is Neutrogena oil-free face wash, they have a few for different skin types.

Then I use a toner to work with the facial wash.

After that, I use a honey or moisturising face mask. This is because honey helps with dry skin, looking hydrated and makes my skin glow. A moisturising mask obviously softens my sin but also makes my skin more glowy, which helps with the makeup too!

A little trick! After a mask I always rub an ice cube on my face. It is cold - freezing actually but this help slim down your face and clear your pores!

Lastly, I use a simple mattifying moisturiser. Nothing oil based but definitely something that suits your skin type as this is the final thig on my face before makeup from the artist.

A lip scrub and lip balm never hurt anyone!

After my skincare I jump straight into workouts. Leading up to a shoot I avoid heavy lifting and focus more on resistance training. As I want my body to be toned and defined rather than looking comfy and strong.

I start of with some yoga:

  1. child pose

  2. cat & cow

  3. downward facing dog

  4. triangle pose

  5. thread the needle

  6. forward fold

My workouts consist of:

  1. leg raises, side leg raises & pulses

  2. hip thrusts, single leg glute bridges

  3. press ups, triceps dips & single arm rows

  4. donkey kickbacks, up and overs, hamstring curls

  5. crunches, leg drops, mountain climbers, side planks and normal plank.

Once I am practically ready I double check my bag and also grab some snacks. I always pack my bag the night before and it includes:

  1. Heels if I'm not wearing them already

  2. Portfolio or Comp card

  3. Water bottle, snack of fruit or popcorn, chewing gum

  4. Hair brush, makeup touch ups, lip balm, spray, deodorant

  5. Charger, purse, keys, phone etc

  6. Spare nude/black underwear

Thank you so much for reading as I hope this is helpful for some of you who have a meeting or something coming up and you want to know how to prepare and be ready, this is for you.

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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