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Mother's Day Post

This is a post in which values all mothers and other strong female bodies in our lives. Remember everything women have done over the years in order for us to walk this earth, I am showing this through my personal history. #MotherDay #Mums #Blog #Lifestyle

The strong women of the past such as The Suffragettes, Jane Austen, Cleopatra, Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Katherine Johnson, the Hepburn's and many many more who have changed the face of history. To me the strong woman to of changed my history is Rebecca Adams.

This crazy lady is my mum. She is my guardian, she's both mum and dad. She is my best friend, my only friend and the only one I need. My mum has taught me about mindset, money management, emotional control, happiness within myself. My mum has been with me when learning self development, productivity and success. Whether or not I wanted to go to University or to start a career at home, my mum was there. My mum has given me support on following my dreams and will forever continue to do so.

My mum shows me love and appreciation. I look up to my mum (not literally because she is smaller than me) as we both have been through so much and we support each other through it all. My mum knows everything iv'e been through as she has been a coach, a shoulder to cry on, a role model, a rant buddy and of course a body guard willing to put people in their place when necessary.

My mum is a strong believer in travel learning. Like actually taking me places to learn thing instead of sitting me down to tell me, my mum has taken me to one of the world's most historic prisons in San Francisco, I learnt more in that one trip than I have doing history in school for 3 years. She taught me how to travel through an airport so that I can do it myself. She taught me how to tip people in places like America where tips are important, she taught me that even the most basic things like manners and remembering people's names can go a long way.

This post could go on for ages, but just remember that at a young age my mum has taught me a lot. So whether you are a child or parent yourself, I think you should take every opportunity and learn as these lessons carry us through life and will never be forgotten. It is never to late to learn and grow, together. I love my mum.

Thank you for reading this post, I had to appreciate my mum on this special day and I really hope it inspired some of you to connect and thank your mum or guardian. Until next time...

-Phoebe Xoxo

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1 Comment

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
Mar 22, 2020

Thank you so much my beautiful daughter for this blog post. You have left me in tears and I am SO proud of you.xx I love you immensely.x

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