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Spooky Season is here!

For all of you getting hyped for Christmas... cut it out. Halloween is first and in my opinion (the only opinion that matters) it's better. MWAHAHAHAHAHA !!! #halloween #spookyseason #halloweenseason

This is the ultimate Halloween guide to get you in the mood. It is my favourite time of the year where the leaves change colour, orange red and brown come out of the wardrobe, the tree's start dying, it's time to wrap up warmer, warm drinks and the smell of pumpkin an cinnamon come out.

In this guide you'll have a list of activities, movies, snacks and decoration ideas for you and your family and friends to do leading up to this Halloween.


So many yummy things to bake and get everyone involved with that can make your entire house smell delicious.

  • Start off simple with strawberry covered ghosts! Simply melt white chocolate and dip your strawberries in, place them on a tray to put in the fridge to cool - but use chocolate chips or chocolate icing to make ghost faces in them.

  • Bake them yourself or buy gingerbread men and use icing and decorations to turn them into mummy's or skeletons!

  • Blood cake! Or cupcakes - make your favourite cake mixture. Purchase some clear rock- hard sweets and melt them, place them in a tray and put in the fridge. Once hardened you can smash the sweet tray that now look like glass shards! Find some edible fake blood (I'm sure they will be all in store especially this time of year) and cover the top of your cakes with blood before piercing the cake with your "glass".

  • Make some fang cookies! Bake simple quick and easy cookies, once cooled cut or split them in half, grab some mini marshmallows and with red icing glue down the marshmallows to look like teeth on one half of the cookie and "glue" the other half on top so that it looks like someone's gob.

  • Spider's! These are simple spider's that you could stick on anything, cookies, cupcakes, cake, or on their own as little treats on the table. Melt some chocolate and dip your Oreo's into it and place on a tray. Place some edible eyes on your Oreo or make some with icing. Place them in the fridge and when you place your Oreo on top of your cookie or cake or whatever and with chocolate icing, draw little legs (there has to be 8 though my love) to make them complete spiders!


Basically the same thing, but more meals for yourself or your family to enjoy. Fill your house with the smell of whatever is cooking in the oven and pray to god it's not burnt!

  • Mini pizza spiders! So simply make your dough and instead of doing one big pizza, just roll little balls and flatten them. Add your sauce and cheese but have fun with your toppings, use olives to make spiders or change it up and use meat toppings to make a mummy or use veg toppings to make a skeleton!

  • Mummy Rolls. Personally, buying ready to roll pastry is the better option but if you're some kind of Jamie Oliver, by all means make your own pastry. But for you cool kids out there, you want to buy it and get cooking your choice of sausage (vegan, veggie, Spanish, Polish etc). Wrap up the sausage in your pastry but make sure you leave some gaps to make some eyes. Once cooked you can add some herbs or veggies or sauce to create eyes for your mummy's and they are ready to serve!

  • Scream pie! If I liked pie I would definitely be telling you which is best, however this one is on you. Pumpkin pie or maybe even cherry would work perfectly as once your pie is all baked beautifully, use a small knife to carve out the scream mask in your pie and serve to scare your guests!


Everybody loves a good movie, nothing feels better than watching Halloween movies leading up to Halloween - or Christmas movies leading up to Christmas and nothing will EVER beat the classics! Here are movies - the ICONIC movies of Halloween I feel are essential to your Halloween guide:

  1. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE! (whoops)

  2. The Addams Family

  3. Hocus Pocus

  4. The Craft

  5. The Sixth Sense

  6. Coraline

  7. Gremlins

  8. Friday 13th (doesn't matter which part, he just never dies)

  9. IT

  10. A Nightmare On Elm Street

  11. Saw

  12. Chucky

  13. Scream

  14. Insidious

  15. The Conjuring

  16. Corpse Bride

  17. The Witches

  18. Scooby Doo


Things to do on your own, with friends, family or kids - some simple, some not - so - simple activities as the countdown begins...

  • Carve Pumpkins

  • Paint baby pumpkins

  • Dress up and take photo's

  • Decorate the house and listen to some music...

  • Have a bonfire

  • Visit a Haunted house

  • Go to a scare event

  • Watch a new horror movie in the cinema

  • Leave singular flowers at graves you can no longer read the names of

  • Write a ghost story

  • Have a sleepover and tell ghost stories

  • Do some crazy artistic horror makeup

  • Temporary hair colour

  • Bake or cook and watch a movie

  • Build a fort but make it Halloween themed

  • Do a time capsule and dig it up next Halloween!

Get Your Groove On!

Dance around and decorate your house whilst listening to the funkiest of Halloween tunes! Here are some songs to add to your playlist this spooky season:

  1. Turn the lights off - Tally Hall

  2. Halloween - The Misfits

  3. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr

  4. Calling all the monsters - China Anne McClain

  5. Disturbia - Rhianna

  6. Thriller - Michael Jackson

  7. Somebody's watching me - Rockwell

  8. Monster Mash

  9. Scooby Doo theme song

  10. He's a demon, He's the Devil, He's a doll - Betty Hutton

  11. The Nightingale - Julee Cruise

  12. Bewitched - Peggy Lee

  13. Zombie - LOU

  14. Devil in disguise - Elvis

  15. I put a spell on you - Hocus Pocus version is wayyyyyy more fun!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this Halloween guide was useful. Take some notes and get your friends over, set up some fun activities for the kids and make Halloween fun again! Be sure to tag me in any fun activities on Instagram (@phoebeadams_).

Until next time...

Phoebe Xoxo

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