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Keeping Fit And Active At Home

Nice easy home workout to occupy you and keep your health to the max during the time you are at home. #workout #homeworkout #health #washyourhands #fitness

So keeping fit whilst your at home is probably the best thing ever! All these exercises are WITHOUT EQUIPMENT and easy for you to do if you have the space. Exercise really does push your body to boundaries and limits, tests your strengths, boosts mood and immune system as well as improves gratitude and mindset.

So let's start!

OKAYYYYY bang on your favourite playlist, you will suddenly qualify for a DJ and let's start off with:

1) 30 jumping jacks. Jumping get's the heart pumping and burn the most fat and is useful when it comes to toning up.

(20 second rest)

2) 20 lunges with a knee kick. So you are going to lunge backwards, then as you pull yourself up you are going to raise the knee on the same leg you lunged back on. Then do this with the other leg!

(20 second rest)

3) Squats. Keeping your back straight, squat down. Remember: if you want to work the INNER THIGH, keep your heels close together and slowly squat down. If you want to work your quads, have a standard stance and breathe through with paces motions. If you want to use your butt, have a large stance and quickly push up after you've slowly squatted down.

(30 second rest)

4) 30 second plank! If you want to make it easier you can go on your hands instead of your elbows, or you can go on your knees and push your hips upward slightly.

(20 second rest)

5) Flutter kicks/ Butterfly kicks. Lay on your back, lean back and to make it easier you can lean back on your arms for support. TENSE YOUR TUMMY and raise your legs slightly of the ground and start kicking your legs as if you were swimming.

(20 second rest)


7) 30 second side plank. Again to make it easier you can rest on your knees and raise you hips upward slightly.

(20 second rest)


9) FINALLY... Jumping lunges. Pretty self explanatory, you lunge forward and jump into the air and swap legs and lunge with the other side.

Try and push yourself to do this routine twice!

I hope this helped. Remember to stay positive and active during these tough times. Exercise for me has really taught me to appreciate my body no matter what it looks like, changing my body and improving and being better is the best feeling and bring me happiness and I would love for you guys to try. Get family or friends to join you! (I might persuade my mum to try!)

Sending you all good health. Please stay home because this will all be over soon just stay at home...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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