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Why I Am Vegan...

My personal reasoning why I choose to become vegan. The plant-based diet and lifestyle, I do not want to encourage everyone to become vegan, I am not here to force or change you into someone you're not, this is just my understanding and my beliefs that I thought I would share so that you can have an understanding too. #vegan #veganism #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #blog #phoebeadams

So to start off with, I prefer a plant based diet for the sake of me wanting to eat healthier. Eating more fruits, vegetables and salad leaves benefits my health in general, benefits my hair and skin. Plant based diets are the best way to eat for losing weight or slimming down and getting toned.

Secondly, I like to take care of what goes into my body. Bacteria from certain foods can cause damage to the inside of your body without you even knowing. A lot of bacteria can come from meat maybe from the animal not being taken care of or cleaned before killed. I like to know that the food I consume does the best for my body, gives me all the vitamins and minerals that I need to grow and to have energy.

So, finally this is the thing that not everyone understands and cannot see our point of view as vegans, is that I do not agree with how the animals are treated and how they get killed. NOT every place treats their animals badly but I still do not agree with mother cows being separated from their babies at birth, pigs being scared and sectioned, chickens being hung by their feet. I do understand that these things have to happen for us to get meat, that is fine. However, we are killing a HUGE amount of animals in which we do not need; I think we are becoming a little bit too greedy with how much meat we have as we are killing more animals that we are breeding and then we are forcing animals to make more and genetically grow faster than they should do naturally.

Having fake meat as a vegan or vegetarian allows me to still get my protein, personally I think that the "meatless meat" tastes no different to the original. I will be writing blog posts on meals which include meat and I will be using fake meat however you can use original meat if you so wish to do.

I do NOT discourage you to suddenly stop eating animals and their products if you do not agree with my knowledge and understanding, that is completely fine. However, I do encourage you to be mindful as to what goes into your body whether that's meat or veg or carbs, whatever you eat do just make sure it is healthy and clean so you do not get sick.

Thank you for reading this blog post, it means a lot to me that people understand why vegans and vegetarian choose this lifestyle. Until next time...

- Phoebe Xoxo

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2 comentarios

Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams
22 mar 2020

I am so proud of your decision to become vegan and support you in anything you do.x It's a wonderful healthy way of living and you're doing amazing.x

Me gusta

Tara Gibson
Tara Gibson
20 mar 2020

Loved reading your views. I agree with everything you say. I have been trying to become vegan although a little harder to get my head round with children and a partner who lives for meat but i'll get there. Currently managing a few days a week. I look forward to reading more of your Blog xx

Me gusta
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